The heavy two-handed sword known as GRAM requires great strength to wield, but is notorious for its splitting power. Can hit multiple targets with each strike.

– In-Game Description

The Gram is a heavy melee weapon like the Fragor, Amphis or Scindo, but with less range and normal attack damage. Its normal attacks do not ignore armour like the Fragor or Furax.


  • This is a Slashing weapon.


  • Each attack (including ground finisher) can connect with multiple enemies.
  • Has the fastest attacks (tied with Amphis) among heavy melee weapons.
  • Swings attack very wide arcs (like Scindo).
  • Deals triple damage to non-ancient Infestation units.
  • Jump ground-pound attack knocks enemies down in a huge area.
  • High color customization options.
  • Shakes allies' screens less than other heavy melee weapons.
  • Has momentum during swings (decreases chance of being interrupted).
  • Charge Attack has 2 damaging stages, the stepping part and slashing part.


  • No polarity slots.
  • Second lowest base melee damage of the five heavy melee weapons.
  • When swinging you will be reduced to a walking pace (like all heavy melee weapons).


The Gram can be purchased for PlatineIcone 150. Its blueprint can be purchased for

  1. REDIRECTION Modèle:Fail 15,000. At Rank 30 you can sell it for
  2. REDIRECTION Modèle:Fail 5,000.

Matériaux requis
Ressources Quantités
Gallium 3
Récupération 750
Rubedo 300
Plaques d'alliage 80
  1. REDIRECTION Modèle:Fail 30.000
Temps de construction 12h
Construction rapide PlatineIcone 30

Weapon Loadouts

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • Attack rate is roughly 1.25 attacks per second. With a max level Fury mod attached, the attack rate is increased to 1.7 attack per second.
  • One charge attack takes 1.8 seconds. (как Scindo )
  • Very similar (Visually) to the Plasma Sword.



  • This sword was named after the sword of Sigurd (sometimes known as Siegfried) from Norse Mythology.
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