He's a special guy, you know. Little weird but a hell of a fighter.

– Darvo

Clem is one of Darvo's contractors, an undercover IconGrineerOnGrineer who supplies Darvo with information. He has a rare mutation that occurs in some Grineer during the cloning process, which allows him free will to defect from the Grineer and the Twin Queens. Noticeably shorter than other Grineer and even Tenno, he sports his own Udyat Syandana variant, and his weapons of choice are a pair of Twin Grakatas, which appear to do more damage than normal, noted by how quickly Clem can dispatch armored Grineer of a similar level.


Clem appears in Darvo's unique quest A Man of Few Words. After being found out by the Grineer as an operative for Darvo and the Tenno, he is captured and is going to be executed. Saved by the Tenno on Darvo's request, he will join the Tenno in recovering his Customized Grakatas, and will help the Tenno recover the P.O.T.A.T.O for Darvo. Afterwards, he will be located in Darvo's Market at the Relay.


  • Clem's name comes from the word "klem", used by Grineer troops in various contexts.
  • During the Quest where you must retrieve his signature weapons, he will use a Latron, a reference to the original comic by Datareaper, where an Excalibur insisted he use a Latron instead of a Grakata, to which his response was to wield two Grakatas.
  • Clem's entire in-game model plays off of the many comic depictions of him; his shorter stature, his mask on top of mask, his syandana (originally an Asa Syandana) and even the Latcher (Roller in the comics) on his back.
  • Aside from grunts, Clem will only say two words, "Clem" and "Grakata".
  • Prior to the introduction of his quest, Digital Extremes stated Clem was the name of the medallion trader for Steel Meridian (which Datareaper made a comic about in turn).


  • Clem does not actually benefit from Shield Osprey specters; he will gain the shield but his health will be damaged directly regardless.


  • Clem in the Codex.
  • Clem in the Relay.
  • Clem, after the quest has been completed.
  • The origin of Clem...
  • ...and his Two Grakata.
  • Clem receives training on Tenno movement.
  • Clem learning Tenno infiltration methods.
  • Seeing as Grineer Clones are usually only a few months old, it is advised to follow "Under three choking hazard" stickers.
  • Clem mode "vengeance".
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