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Pour le type de mission, allez voir Capture.
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Captura est un outil de capture et d'édition d'images qui permet aux joueurs de manipuler et de composer des scénarios pour les captures d'écran.

Pour y accéder, allez sur votre Warframe dans l’Arsenal, et cliquez sur Apparence, l’option Captura sera en haut a droite de votre écran.



  • Les touches suivantes permettent aux joueurs de :
    • E  / Q  : Incliner la scène actuelle.
    • Espace , Shift Gauche  : Monter et Descendre la caméra sur son axe vertical.
    • X  : Ouvrir le menu Avancé.

Mécaniques Avancés[]

Caméra Captura.png

Le menu Avancé donne au joueur les options de réglage de divers aspects de la scène tels que :

  • Filtres
Choisissez entre au moins 8 filtres différents qui modifient l'atmosphère de l'image.
  • PDC
Modifie la Profondeur de Champ (Depth of Field) pour attirer davantage l'attention sur un élément de l'image.
  • FOV
Étendre le Champ de Vision (Field of View) pour afficher le paysage entier ou se rapprocher d'un élément pour un portrait.
  • Grain
Ajoutez du Grain à l'image.
  • Exposition
Augmentez l'Exposition pour éclairer davantage l'image ou diminuez-la pour l'assombrir.
  • Saturation
La Saturation de l'image ajoutera de la vivacité aux couleurs. De même, la désaturation rendra l'image plus proche des tons grisâtres.
Choisissez entre les différentes scènes.

Le joueur peut également utiliser des fonctionnalités telles que la Configuration à 3 Lumières.


Les scènes permettent au joueur de sélectionner une zone dans laquelle il souhaite composer un nouveau scénario pour les captures d'écran.

Par défaut[]


SteelIconPink.pngLe Méridien d'Acier[]

ArbitarIconGrey.pngLes Arbitres d'Héxis[]

CephalonIconLightGold.pngCéphalon Suda[]

PerrinSequenceIconBlue.pngLa Séquence Perrin[]

RedVeilIconLightRed.pngVoile Rouge[]

LokaIconGreen.pngNouveau Loka[]


SimarisSigilGold.pngCéphalon Simaris[]

OstronSigil.pngOstron & TheQuillsSigil.png Les Plumes[]

Union Solaris icon.pngUnion Solaris[]

Ondes Nocturnes Syndicat.pngOndes Nocturnes[]

Assaut du Sanctuaire[]

Gaz City[]



  • In order to use features like Filters or DoF, the player must have Color Correction and Depth Of Field turned on in the game's options menu. As some players prefer to keep these options turned off for whatever reason, this forces the player to manually turn these options back on for each Captura session.
  • The player is only allowed to spawn a maximum of 3 enemies in a session. This can be worked around slightly by spawning in units who themselves spawn in more enemies, such as Drahk Masters or Boilers.
    • Similar to the Simulacrum allied units such as Specters or Xiphos turrets are considered towards the enemy total, and are also destroyed when using the "Kill Enemies" command.
  • Enemies cannot be spawned in Syndicate room or Conclave scenes
  • The lighting for the Color Key Scene is not even, and has many dark spots as well as lighting being pointed only one way in some cases. Turning up the brightness alleviates this issue, but only exacerbates the unnatural coloring of warframes in this mode (see bugs).
  • You cannot hide chat at all while in Captura, so while you can take manual screenshots without HUD in settings (PC), this is not possible when recording the screen through video and the chat will still appear.
  • The Lunaro Arena Scene only allows usage of your Lunaro Loadout.
  • When enemies hit the player with melee or bullets, they will still glow as if they were damaged, which can ruin captura scenes with the player partially glowing in the spot enemies hit them.


  • With the addition to it being joinable by other players, the ability to pause the game, even when joining captura solo, has been disabled.
  • You cannot do standing finishers on enemies in this mode in most cases, only finishers on knocked down enemies.
  • After it was made so the player has a working arsenal console to change equipment and loadouts the lighting and textures completely changed, and most characters will appear brighter and washed out in the Color Key Scene. A default mag for example will have the metal rings on her feet appear like a matte plastic, rather than a shiny metal.
    • This is similar to the Simulacrum, where players will be coated in an oily texture, but while still remaining their "true" colors and textures as shown in actual missions.
  • The pause menu camera is still linked to the player's Warframe/Operator. This can be seen when centering the camera on the character and moving only right or left, and you will notice that the Warframe will not stay centered, as the camera slightly angles itself towards the Warframe.
  • Selecting the Slow Motion option will slow down all movement, including pressing the escape button to show the HUD menu and going into the arsenal. This also will delay color changes you make to a weapon after leaving.


  • The in-game Chat function is not hidden in any way when in Captura and as such, can get in the way when recording footage of this mode, and is especially intrusive in the Color Key scene. To counter this, the player can either enter the mode in "Friends Only", "Invite Only" or "Public" (although public will allow anyone in your clan/friends list to join you) which will give you the "Squad Chat". This can be used to hide messages from your clan, but will still show the chat icon in the bottom left for a short time when exiting a menu.
    • This is only a problem with recording Video of the game, or if the player wants to include the HUD in their screenshots.
  • The camera cannot be placed into most objects, enemies, or players, however there is a way to glitch the camera and force it to go into the listed objects and allow cinematic shots and/or PoV shots of weapons. A full tutorial on this can be found here.