You went above the call of duty Tenno. The skill you displayed will inspire your fellow warriors. Wear this, so that they will know what has been achieved here today.

– The Lotus

L'interface holographique de cet emblème se mettra à jour automatiquement à chaque Alerte Tactique où vous aurez fait preuve d'un dévouement exemplaire.

– Description en jeu

Le Badge Stratos (also known as a Tactical Specialist Emblem) est un badge spéciale gagné en complétent le Challenge de Stratos durant les Tactical Alert.

Unlike previous event-exclusive badges, the Stratos Emblem can be acquired multiple times, which will change the content at the center of the badge based on how many different Stratos Challenges the player has completed.


  • Before U14.10.2, the Stratos Emblem had Arabic number (1).
  • The Stratos Emblem once capped at ten levels and would not change further even if another Stratos Emblem was obtained. It is speculated that this was due to a lack of art implementation. This was fixed in the Black Seed Scourge Tactical Alert, which introduced badge levels 11 to 14 to the game, and can be unlocked upon completing the Alert.


  • If logging in when the previous Warframe used is equipped with the Stratos Emblem, the numeral on the badge may show up as "0" on the log-in screen.
  • Should you manage to enter a Round 1 Tactical Alert after you completed Round 2, you will not be awarded the Stance mod again, but you "rank up" your Stratos Emblem instead.

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