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Explosión n 
explosivos o un gran disparo antiaéreo desde la enorme garganta de este cañón.
El Zarr es un arma pesada Grineer introducida en la Actualización 19. Su Disparo Alternativo permite a los usuarios elegir entre disparar una única bala de cañón explosiva o una avalancha de proyectiles.
Requisitos de fabricación
Tiempo: 24 hrs
Acelerar: 40 Platinum64
Precio del MarketIcon: 225 Platinum64 Precio del Blueprint2: 30,000 Credits64


Este arma tiene daño primario de .


  • Alto daño de explosión – Efectivo contra carne y maquinaria.
  • Alta reserva de munición del lanzador.
  • Efectivo a múltiples rangos gracias a su disparo alternativo:
    • El modo disparo de cañón es efectivo contra enemigos a distancia y contra grupos de enemigos.
      • Las bombas incrementan el rango de explosión y tienen probabilidad crítica y de estado independientes del proyectil principal.
      • Las bombas no hacen daño propio.
    • El modo barricada inflige grandes daños a enemigos a corta distancia.
      • Este modo tiene daño principal de perforación, haciéndolo muy efectivo contra objetivos con mucha armadura.
      • Este modo tiene de forma innata.
  • Buena probabilidad crítica.
  • Alto multiplicador crítico.
  • lta probabilidad de estado.A.
  • La recarga puede interrumpirse disparando.
  • Tiene polaridad V.


  • El disparo primario (modo cañón) produce mucho autodaño, con lo que hay que tener cuidado disparando a corta distancia.
  • El disparo secundario solo es útil a muy corta distancia.
  • Utiliza munición rara de francotirador.


  • The Zarr can switch between two different firing modes using its Alternate Fire button. These modes are officially named Cannon mode and Barrage mode;
    • Cannon mode fires an explosive projectile in an arc that explodes on impact, dealing 175 damage within a ~5m radius, then splitting into 6 smaller projectiles that spread from point of impact and home in on targets, each dealing 50 damage within a small radius.
    • Barrage mode works in a shotgun-like pattern, shooting 7 pellets in a wide spread, dealing Physical damage, shoots faster than primary mode and has innate Punch Through. There is no damage fall-off with distance, but pellets will deal no damage at all if target is further than 15 in-game meters away.
      • Multishot mods will increase the amount of bomblets that are produced from the Cannon shot as well as increasing the pellets of Barrage mode.
    • The Zarr's current firing mode is indicated by orange text next to the Zarr's current Rank. Additionally, switching to Cannon mode is indicated by two short clicks, while switching to Barrage mode is indicated by three short clicks.
      • The player should also take care in that the Zarr will always start in Cannon mode after Respawning, beginning a mission and switching to and from Archialas, resulting in the user possibly triggering self damage if used inside close quarters.
  • Each shot is loaded manually into the gun. Reload shows time required to fully load the gun, and is accordingly increased by mods like Cargador deformado. Reloading can be interrupted by firing the gun, provided at least one shot is loaded.
  • The range of Barrage mode is affected by Projectile Speed mods.


  • The Zarr is unique in the fact that it can quickly switch to a close range function that has no chance of damaging the player, allowing it to be used in tight spaces safely.
  • While the Zarr has an average critical chance, its above average critical damage makes a crit build viable.
  • The Zarr's individual reload mechanic is useful when reloading before the magazine is emptied as the reload will be shorter than the listed value. This is beneficial for situations where players need to fire a shot immediately, but cannot wait for the full reload to complete.


  • The word Zarr is a Swiss-German name derived from the Slavic word "Tsar", a word used as a title for supreme rulers of eastern and south-eastern European countries.
    • In this context, 'Zarr' might be a reference to Tsar Cannon, one of the largest cannons in terms of caliber.
    • Due to its cannon nature, it may also be a Grineer bastardization of "Arr!" as said by pirates.
  • The Zarr is visually and somewhat functionally reminiscent of a swivel cannon.
  • Upon release, the Codex entry misspelled "cannon" as "canon".
  • When stuck to surfaces with Explosión adhesiva, it has a unique sound effect signaling to the player that they are stuck.
    • Explosión adhesiva will cause the bombs to gain a 3 second timer before exploding. It does not change anything on the secondary fire
  • The Zarr shares the same reload mechanic with the Strun, with the only difference that the latter shows the reload time of a single projectile.


Warframe. Build de destrucción masiva para el cañón Zarr

Warframe. Build de destrucción masiva para el cañón Zarr. Gameplay en español

Historial de actualizacionesEditar

Actualización 22.12
  • La probabilidad de estado aumentó de 20% a 29% en el fuego primario y secundario.
  • La probabilidad crítica aumentó de 15% a 17% en el fuego primario y secundario.
  • Disminuyó el efecto de la gravedad en el proyectil
  • Improved projectile trail FX of the bomblets after the initial explosion

Hotfix 19.5.6

  • Fixed part of Zarr's muzzle flash showing up in the Arsenal when applying colors.
  • Fixed some firing effects not showing up.

Hotfix 19.0.3

  • Crit Chance increased from 10% to 15%
  • Status Chance increased from 15% to 20%
  • Barrage range increased from 12m to 15m
  • Barrage reload time now matches Cannon reload time
  • Added Punch Through to Barrage mode
  • Removed Self Damage from secondary cluster bombs
  • Added ability to use Explosión adhesiva (see Bugs)

Actualización 19.0

  • Introduced.
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