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Una pistola automática conocida como el arma más compacta y ligera del arsenal Grineer. Aunque tiene un cargador pequeño, la Viper tiene una cadencia de fuego muy alta y tiempos de recarga ultrarrápidos gracias a su diseño de cargador simplificado.

La Viper is a machine pistol of Grineer design issued to their Lancero Protectors. It is the most portable weapon manufactured by the Grineer and boasts a high rate of fire and an extremely efficient magazine reload, but poor accuracy.

Este arma puede ser vendida por 2.500 Credits64; it is also a material requisito for Vipers gemelas (x2).

Requisitos de fabricación
Tiempo: 12 hrs
Acelerar: 25 Platinum64
Precio del MarketIcon: 75 Platinum64 Precio del Blueprint2: 20,000 Credits64


This weapon deals primarily damage.


  • A Bar polarity slot.
  • Great rate of fire.
  • Reloads very quickly.
  • Good for short range, and medium range if using small bursts.
  • Good critical chance.
  • Good accuracy; single shots will hit near the center of the reticle even at long range.
  • Can use the Viper-exclusive Verdad aguijoneadora mod.


  • Small magazine size.
  • Drains ammo very fast.
  • Not suited for long range fights.
  • Negligibly small status chance.

Configuraciones para el armaEditar


  • Although it is not recommended for long range fighting, correctly aiming and tapping the trigger will expel 1-2 bullets at once, and you may get a decent critical or headshot rate by doing this.
    • This may be done more comfortably by making a secondary keybind for firing on mouse wheel. It shall also allow to fire in a way Lancero Protectors do.
  • Using the Mutación de munición de pistola mod can help regain lost ammo when needed. Alternatively, use Carroñero de pistola aura or bring along Team Ammo Restore.


  • The Viper was released on the 18th of March, 2013 with Actualización 7.0.
  • On the Viper's barrel, the word Grineer VGrineer IGrineer PGrineer EGrineer R, which translates to "Viper" is inscribed in the Lenguaje Grineer. In earlier versions of the game this line of text was Grineer SGrineer EGrineer RGrineer BGrineer EGrineer RGrineer UGrineer S which translates to "Serberus", probably indicating an earlier name for the gun. The Viper's UI icon still shows a Viper with "Serberus" inscribed on it.
  • La(s) Viper(s) es la única que tiene un sonido distintivo cuando su gatillo es liberado. This could be a mechanism used to stop the bullet feed or to halt the cyclic action.
  • Until Actualización 17.0Lancero Protectors fired their Vipers in three-round bursts, a holdover from when Lancero Protectors used to be equipped with the Sicarus.


  • When equipped by Banshee, the Viper will clip entirely inside her fingers when idle.
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