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Once a medical officer under Sargas Ruk, Thul failed to save the life of one of his favoured officers. Thul was "reassigned" to service under Kela as an Executioner of Rathuum. He has managed to survive under the protection of his allies, who value his medical skills.

Unlike other Executioners, Dok Thul is immune to Equinox's Rest ability and wont be a target for certain abilities like Nyx's Mind Control.

Like all other Executioners he seems to have a built in reduction for duration based abilities (based on playtests, not confirmed):

  1. Cast: affected for 50% of the duration
  2. Cast: affected for 30% of the duration
  3. Cast and every following: affected for 5% of the duration


  • Dok Thul deploys special Sikula/Carabus drones that can utilize the Rayo curativo ability to heal nearby Executioners.
  • Furthermore he is capable of employing a special variant of Magnetizar on allies, it seems like it only applies on allied Executioners, multiple casts on the same ally will overwrite each other. This grants them immunity to all damage and absorbs all weapons fire, thus shielding their teammates from player attacks. After the duration expires the Bullet Attractor sphere explodes, dealing damage to unwary Tenno. This power has a cooldown of approximately 12 seconds.
  • Beyond that, Dok Thul has little else to offer his team beyond his Hind and Amphis, allowing him to deal plenty of damage to Tenno both at range and up-close.
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