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Velocidad(H).png Velocidad(S).png
Adquiere un breve impulso de velocidad de movimiento y coloca una bobina aceleradora lo que aplica lo mismo a los aliados.
Fuerza:10% / 15% / 25% / 50% Speed Buff
8% / 13% / 15% / 17% velocidad de recarga Buff
Duración:5 / 6 / 8 / 10 s
Rango:15 / 20 / 22 / 25 m

  • Volt energizes the surrounding area, increasing the velocidad de ataque and mobility of his allies within 15 / 20 / 22 / 25 meters. Affected players will gain 8% / 13% / 15% / 17% weapon velocidad de recarga and 10% / 15% / 25% / 50% melee velocidad de ataque and movement speed bonuses. The effects last for 5 / 6 / 8 / 10 seconds.
  • The effects of Speed are applied to Volt and Tenno.
    • Allies only need to be in range when Speed is cast to be affected.
    • Allies can backflip to remove Speed if they wish to opt-out.
  • Increases the distance of combat maneuvers like the sliding front flip and wall run as a result of the faster sprint speed.
  • Can be used while performing many actions without interrupting them, including velocidad de recargaing.
  • Can be recast while active to refresh duration.

Velocidad electrizante.png
Artículo principal: Velocidad electrizante

  • Great for catching up with teammates that need to be revived, fleeing from tough enemies, or taking the lead.
  • Excellent skill to use for a cell looking to get through a mission quickly.
  • Can be combined with Carrera for unrivaled speeds.
  • Combine with Furia and Berserker for absurd velocidad de ataque on melee weapons.
  • Can be used to avoid enemy fire due to reduced enemy accuracy and to dodge almost all Corpus due to their weapons' projectile travel time.

Maximización is a form of specialization: mods may be blended to result in values that vary between the top-end limits listed here. Click any maximized link to learn how to build it.

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