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Una vez despierto es la segunda aventura principal de la historia presentada a los nuevos jugadores de la facción de Infestados, así como las misiones de juego Espionaje y Defensa.

A partir de la Actualización: Los espectros del raíl, esta misión se desbloquea a través de la Convergencia a Mercurio, en Venus. Las tareas requeridas para cualquier Convergencia se pueden ver pasando el ratón sobre ella.


Investigate the Bio Weapon: M Prime, MercurioEditar

La aventura comienza al recibir el siguiente mensaje de Lotus:


We have intercepted and partially decrypted a disturbing Grineer communication. A Grineer doctor by the name of Tengus claims to have uncovered some sort of new bio weapon. We have few details but the message originated out of Terminus.

You need to go there and investigate.
—The Lotus

The player is then tasked to a Grineer Espionaje misión on M Prime, Mercury to collect four data units for retrieval from a Asteroide Grineer base. During the mission, the Grineer Dr. Tengus is revealed through intercepted transmissions to be working on "specimens" to be used in the development of his bio weapon.

After the first data unit is recovered, Tengus' assistant express anger that the Tenno are there, demanding absolute secrecy in their project and thus ordering the marines to assault the Tenno.

After the second data unit is recovered, panics break loose as the Infested has broken free from quarantine, with the effect of Infested units now appearing to fight both Grineer and Tenno. Despite of which, it appears that there may be an unknown third party involved, as the Grineer soldiers blames Dr. Tengus for the outbreak, while the Lotus implies that someone else released the Infested on purpose.

After the third and final data unit is recovered, the Lotus briefly explain what the Infested are and how they disappeared a long time ago. The mission is considered complete if the player reaches the extraction with at least one data unit extracted.

Infestation Outbreak: Terminus, MercurioEditar

The next mission takes place in Terminus, Mercury, where players are tasked with exterminating all Infested units aboard a Galeón Grineer overrun by the Infestation. Upon completing the mission, the Lotus will message the player to reward them with the Impacto de magma mod.


This is from one of Doctor Tengus' reports:

"The additional test Marines have arrived. The specimens tore through previous batch much faster than expected. It should be noted that Marines who survived the longest were using fire based weapons."

The Infested are vulnerable to fire. I have sent a fire damage mod for you to install on your Melee weapon. It should aid you in your coming mission.
—The Lotus

Bomba de cascada: Lares, MercurioEditar

The Lotus sends the Tenno to Lares, Mercury, in an attempt to destroy the Infested there by using a Bomba de cascada planted on the asteroid's power core, that will use Void energy to eliminate all organic life while leaving the structure intact. This mission takes the form of a Defensa mission where the player has to prevent the Infested from destroying the Power Core for ten waves. Notable differences from the standard Asteroide Grineer defense mission includes the large masses of Infested biomass surrounding the power core, and having only two access points to the core instead of three. During the mission, the Lotus makes note that while the Infested appear to be mindless, they seem to know what the Tenno are up to and are trying to stop them.

After the mission is completed, the Lotus will message players to reward them with a Espada de calor planos, concluding the Aventura.


The Cascade explosion worked and the asteroid has been purged of infestation. But I'm afraid this threat cannot be so easily contained. Doctor Tengus' experiments with this plague are grossly irresponsible and have threatened the entire system. All that is needed is an infected ship to reach a populated area and we'll be unable to contain its spread. There's no controlling it, the Grineer will be in just as much peril as we are.

To prepare you for this new fight I have sent you something that should prove effective against this menace. Let us hope you will not need to use it.
—The Lotus

An additional intercepted message will be sent to players detailing a report by Doctor Tengus' to the Twin Queens, blaming the Tenno for the outbreak at the facility and taking credit for it's destruction while claiming the Tenno have obtained Infested spores and will use them against the Grineer:

INTERCEPTED MESSAGE: Quarantine Disrupted

My Queens,

It is my shame to report that Tenno interference has caused a breach of our Infested testing lab on M-Prime. Acting immediately, I ordered the destruction of the facility which has contained the outbreak. Tragically, I believe the Tenno have stolen spores with the intent to use the plague against us.

I will act at once to develop a countermeasure, I will not allow this unethical behavior by the Tenno to threaten our glorious cause.

For the Queens,

Doctor Tengus



  • Sometimes the location of the next mission in the Aventura may not appear in the Navigation console, which also has the effect of not sending the reward email message for the missions. Relogging into the game, or switching to another Aventura, then switching back to Once awake, can solve this issue.


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