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Ataques cerebrales estimulan esta bioarma, causando que libere rápidamente municiones tóxicas.
The Toxocyst dobles is a pair of Infestación sidearms oriented towards damage. Successfully achieving a headshot with this weapon temporarily grants it increased fire rate, additional damage, reduced recoil and unlimited ammo. However, its initial recoil is very high and the buff does not refresh with subsequent headshots.

This weapon can be sold for 7.500 Credits64.

Requisitos de fabricación
Nano esporas
Tiempo: 24 hrs
Acelerar: 35 Platinum64
Precio del MarketIcon: 175 Platinum64 Precio del Blueprint2: 15,000 Credits64
Laboratorio biológico ClanAffinity64 3,000
Nano esporas
Tiempo: 72 hrs
Prereq: Acrid
LeaderBadgeGhostHolo x1   LeaderBadgeShadowHolo x3   LeaderBadgeStormHolo x10   LeaderBadgeMountainHolo x30   LeaderBadgeMoonHolo x100


This weapon deals primarily damage.


  • High base damage.
  • Second-highest status chance of any secondary weapons tied with Marelok Vaykor (behind the Tysis).
    • With the right combination of mods, the Dual Toxocyst can be modded to have a 100% status chance, guaranteeing a proc with every shot.
  • Very good ammunition efficiency.
  • Has an innate fire rate increase, unlimited ammo, recoil reduction, and damage buff upon landing a successful headshot.
  • Comes with a V and Bar polarity.



  • Upon landing a headshot with the Dual Toxocyst, it temporarily gains a 150% increase in fire rate, a significant reduction in recoil, and doesn't consume ammo while firing for 6 seconds. It also gains a bonus 100% of its base damage as  damage for the duration of the buff.
    • The fire rate bonus stacks multiplicatively with any fire rate mods equipped.
    • Headshots made while under the effects of the headshot buff DO NOT increase or reset the duration of the buff. This initial headshot will consume ammo.
    • The bonus damage can combine with other elemental mods equipped on the weapon, ex. having Carga incendiaria or Chamuscar equipped will make the Dual Toxocyst deal
      Gas n Gas
      upon activating the buff.
    • If the bonus is triggered or if it disappears, this weapon makes a noise that will alert nearby enemies. This noise cannot be reduced with Suprimir or Invisibilidad silenciosa.
    • Triggering the buff with the last bullet of a magazine still requires the user to reload the weapon before shooting more bullets.


  • The headshot buff can completely counter the weapon's low innate fire rate and max ammo capacity.
  • Pacificadora is affected by the headshot buff, particularly its fire rate increase. Take note that Pacificadora itself will not activate the headshot buff.
  • Use of the increased zoom module Ojo de halcón can make gaining the headshot buff easier, thus significantly increasing the weapon's damage outputs and versatility.
  • While under the effects of the triggered buff, the fast fire rate and unlimited ammo, combined with the low critical chance and average critical multiplier make rapid fire bodyshots more viable than aimed headshots.
  • Mira hidráulica can be triggered at the same time as the buff, though the low base critical chance makes this mod of limited utility.
  • Installing Manos firmes completely negates recoil while buff is active.


  • The Dual Toxocyst is the first infested dual pistol added to the game.
  • Triggering the innate headshot buff or reloading the weapon will cause the Dual Toxocyst's barrel to open up like jaws, connected by infested tissue between its upper and lower parts.

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