Turrets are mounted on ceilings and will shoot the player upon being triggered by a nearby Cámara de seguridad. They deactivate if damaged sufficiently, if the controlling camera is destroyed, or if the camera stops detecting hostiles. If they deactivate before destroyed, they will be completely repaired.

Deactivated turrets can be destroyed occasionally, however on the other hand, occasionally the said turret cannot be destroyed.  It is unknown which factor decides this, although it is suspected that a secondary damage source coming into play directly after the one that depletes the turrets shields can kill an inactive turret. (Nova's Molecular Prime, Thunderbolt, etc.)


  • Before Actualización 10.5, the Corpus Turret along with Corpus Cámara de seguridad did not level along with the other Corpus units, instead they remained at level 1.
  • After some time also leveling along with the Corpus units, of Actualización 12.4, they no longer have a level, but a fixed health/shield ratio, on any difficulty. 
  • When inactive, some turrets can have their shield depleted. If no camera has detected you, the turret nearby can have no depletable health. Game-coding sees the inactive turret as 'not-present'.


  • When Control mental led by Nyx, The turret will sometimes lose its shield capabilities from no explained source.
  • Orokin Turrets will sometimes leave behind destroyed Corpus turrets when they are destroyed.
  • Oddly, turrets are unaffected by Ember's Aro de fuego (The Ring of fire) even if they are both ceiling and floor mounted.


  • Showing both stages of neutral (Left) and alert (right)
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