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Torrente dimensional es un mod de aumento de warframe para Limbo's Agitación dimensional that increases Limbo's damage while in the Grieta for each enemy affected by Agitación dimensional.


Rango Damage Bonus Coste de capacidad
0 15% 6
1 20% 7
2 25% 8
3 30% 9


  • This mod can be acquired by attaining the rank of Maxim under the Árbitros de Hexis, or the rank of Genius under Céfalon Suda, and spending 25,000‍ReputationLargeBlack.png to purchase.


  • The damage bonus from Rift Torrent stacks additively with base damage mods such as Sierra, Golpe de avispa, Punto de presión.
    • Ex. Damage == Base Damage * (Rift Torrent + Sierra)
  • Each enemy affected by Agitación dimensional will increase Limbo's damage by 30% at max Rank. The damage is displayed as a buff with the current percentage.
  • The extra damage is affected by fuerza de habilidades.
  • If an enemy affected by Agitación dimensional dies, the bonus will be updated to the current amount of enemies affected.
  • The buff has no duration, as long as there are enemies still affected by Agitación dimensional.
  • Limbo will get the buff removed when exiting and added upon entering the Rift instantly.
  • There is currently a bug at Hotfix 20.0.5 that gives an increasing buff even if no creatures are affected by Agitación dimensional. [1] There are also reports of the mod not giving the said extra damage at all. [2]


Historial de actualizaciones[]

Actualización 20.0
  • The Rift Torrent Augment Mod will now grant Limbo a damage increase (15/20/25/30%) for every enemy affected by Rift Surge and has had it’s description changed to reflect this.

Actualización 15.6

  • Añadido.
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