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Torrente dimensional is a Mods de Aumento de Warframe for Limbo's Agitación dimensional that increases Limbo's damage while in the Grieta for each enemy affected by Agitación dimensional.


Rango Damage Bonus Coste de capacidad
0 15% 6
1 20% 7
2 25% 8
3 30% 9


  • This mod can be acquired by attaining the rank of Maxim under the Árbitros de Hexis, or the rank of Genius under Céfalon Suda, and spending 25,000‍ReputationLargeBlack to purchase.


  • The damage bonus from Rift Torrent stacks additively with base damage mods such as Sierra, Golpe de avispa, Punto de presión.
    • Ex. Damage == Base Damage * (Rift Torrent + Sierra)
  • Each enemy affected by Agitación dimensional will increase Limbo's damage by 30% at max Rank. The damage is displayed as a buff with the current percentage.
  • The extra damage is affected by fuerza de habilidades.
  • If an enemy affected by Agitación dimensional dies, the bonus will be updated to the current amount of enemies affected.
  • The buff has no duration, as long as there are enemies still affected by Agitación dimensional.
  • Limbo will get the buff removed when exiting and added upon entering the Rift instantly.
  • There is currently a bug at Hotfix 20.0.5 that gives an increasing buff even if no creatures are affected by Agitación dimensional. [1] There are also reports of the mod not giving the said extra damage at all. [2]



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Actualización 20.0
  • The Rift Torrent Augment Mod will now grant Limbo a damage increase (15/20/25/30%) for every enemy affected by Rift Surge and has had it’s description changed to reflect this.

Actualización 15.6

  • Añadido.
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