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Un líquido similar al magma que se diluye con refrigerante durante el proceso de extracción. La thermia se puede encontrar al fracturar la superficie de Los valles del Orbe durante las llamaradas térmicas. ¿Podría ser esta la llave para debilitar las defensas de la Orbe explotadora?

Thermia diluida is a resource obtained by participating in the Fracturas thermia part of the Operación: Deudas reprimidas event, or in the subsequent recurring Fracturas thermia events.

It was first introduced on March the 8th of 2019 in Actualización 24.4 along with the said event.


Diluted Thermia is obtained by successfully closing Fracturas thermia in Los valles del Orbe during the event. It is obtained every time a player or their squad close 4 Fracturas thermia using the same coolant canister, or by using 4 coolant canisters at once in a single fracture, which will yield one Diluted Thermia, affected by resource boosters and double-resource events but not affected by resource drop chance boosters. Said canister will then disappear, and the players will have to search for a new one if they want to continue closing fractures.


It is used to trigger the Orbe explotadora boss fight in Deck 12. Upon interacting with the console with an orange glow (next to where the Ventkids entrance is in Fortuna), it will consume 1 Diluted Thermia and the Exploiter Orb will drop from the ceiling.

Diluted Thermia is only used from the player who triggers the fight. The other squad mates will keep their Diluted Thermia.


  • Occasionally, the player may get 1 Diluted Thermia upon defeating the Orbe explotadora. There is no known condition to trigger this.confirmation needed

Historial de actualizaciones[]

Actualización 24.4
  • Introducido.