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Teletransporte fatal is a Mods de Aumento de Warframe for Ash's Teletransportación that immediately performs a melee finisher upon teleporting to the target, with an additional damage multiplier. Additionally, if the finisher kills its target, 50% of Teleport's energy cost is refunded.


Rango Extra Damage Coste de capacidad
0 125% 6
1 150% 7
2 175% 8
3 200% 9


  • This mod can be acquired by attaining the rank of Maxim under the Árbitros de Hexis, or the rank of Exalted under the Velo Rojo, and spending 25,000‍ReputationLargeBlack to purchase.


  • Using this with Daggers modded with Letalidad encubierta can one-hit kill most enemies regardless of level. These enemies include the Grineer Verdugos among others.
  • Fatal teleport does not work on most jefes. Only works with Kela De Thaym, Teniente Lech Kril (during vulnerable phase), and the La manada de hienas.
  • Fatal teleport teleports to the target's back and performs a back end finisher.
  • Damage added scales with fuerza de habilidades.
  • Energy refunded does not scale with efficiency, it is based only off of your casting cost.


  • If the targeted enemy is moving fast enough (such as a running Cargador), or you are experiencing high lag, the finisher will fail.
  • Some melee classes may fail to trigger finishers on certain types of enemies.
    • Several melee classes will fail to trigger finishers against all MOA variants, including their Mutalíticas counterparts.
    • Guadaña weapons may also fail to trigger finishers on moving targets.
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