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Carburante destilado para estímulantes.
—Descripción en el juego

Synthula is a special resource that is used exclusively for researching and crafting Stims, which are consumable gear equipment used to buff allied NPCs, such as Rescate targets and Sortie defense targets. Synthula can be acquired in low-level endless missions as a rotation A reward (Supervivencia, Defensa, and Interceptación), as a reward from Alerta missions, and as an identifiable Espionaje reward.

Blueprints Requiring SynthulaEditar

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Blueprint Type Quantity
Calcifin Stim Gear 2 (3)
Adrenal Stim Gear 2 (3)
Refract Stim Gear 2 (3)
Clotra Stim Gear 2 (3)
Total 8 (+12)
Investigación Insignia del Lider del Clan Fantasma x1   Insignia del Lider del Clan Sombra x3   Insignia del Lider del Clan Tormenta x10   Insignia del Lider del Clan Montaña x30   Insignia del Lider del Clan Luna x100


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