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La justicia ciega. Cada golpe bloqueado recarga un Destello radial que es desatado cuando se deja de bloquear.

The Sydon Vaykor is the Sindicato variant of the Sydon, available from Meridiano de Acero. It has the unique ability to store charges when blocking, which can be released as a Destello radial once full.


This weapon deals primarily Perforación n.png Perforación damage.






  • The Vaykor Sydon requires 15 continuous blocked hits (ranged or melee) to fully charge its Destello radial. The Destello radial is activated once the block is released, and will blind enemies within a 15 meter radius for 5 seconds. Releasing the block by any means before the required number of charges has been reached will not activate the Destello radial, along with resetting any acquired charges.
    • The number of charges gained is displayed on the HUD beside the player's Salud as a Meridiano de Acero icon. The tip of the weapon also glows brighter as more charges are collected.
    • Blocked attacks do not count when damage-nullifying abilities are active, such as Piel de hierro or Halo guardián.
    • The blind range can be increased by Alcance and Alcance Prime.
  • The Vaykor Sydon has a 50% chance to resist Derribo or knockback.
  • Without a stance equipped, the Sydon Vaykor has a unique attack animation that includes forward jabs. This feature is carried over from the normal Sydon.

Véase también[]

  • Sydon, the standard variant.
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