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La syandana Rakta es una recompensa del Velo Rojo al valor ejemplar. Este honor es raramente otorgado a los extraños.
—Descripción en el juego.

La syandana Rakta es una syandana exclusiva en PC de la operación Espectros de la libertad, y en consolas del sistema regalo de Lotus.


The Syandana Rakta is a syandana originally given to players who earned 100 points in rescue missions during the Operación: Espectros de la libertad Event.

It was later available as a reward from "The Grineer Invasion"; a Regalo de Lotus available on XB1 from September 16th 2015 to September 23rd 2015, and on PS4 from November 3rd 2015 to November 10th 2015.


  • The Rakta Syandana is worn by Velo Rojo hostages.
  • The design matches the Wraith weapons. However, the name does not reflect this.
    • This is likely due to Wraith weapons being reskinned but not remodeled. It resembles the Wraith version of the Hecate Syandana.
  • Unlike the Syandanas purchasable with platinum, the Rakta Syandana's colors cannot be customized. This is similar to the way that Wraith weapons cannot be recolored. It is also the same as the Phased Syandana (another Syandana not purchasable with platinum, that also cannot have its colors customized).
    • Speculations rose that Wraith weapons might be products of the Velo Rojo, evident to the Rakta Syandana.
  • This is the first Syandana to be given out as a reward and the second cosmetic item that didn't require platinum to buy, the first being the exclusive Phased Asa Syandana.
  • Rakta is one of seven Dhātus; an Ayurveda term for the fundamental elements that support the basic structure (and functioning) of the body. Rakta dhatu means Blood, which the Rakta Syandana was possibly named for.
  • In Devstream 24 [picture 7/8, figure c] concept art of multiple Syandanas were shown, one of which was or could have been an early rendering of the Rakta Syandana [figure c].
  • "Rakta" in the Sanskrit language translates as "Red".
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