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Saqueo Saqueo simbolo
Saquea un porcentaje de los escudos y armadura de enemigos cercanos para recargar los escudos y sobrescudos de Hildryn. También retira los efectos de estado de Hildryn y de sus aliados.

Overshield/Shield Cost to Cast: 150

Fuerza:10% / 15% / 20% / 25% (shield/armor drain per enemy)
Duración:2 s (expansion duration)
Rango:5 m / 6 m / 7 m / 8 m (pulse initial radius)
Misc:100% (status cleanse on cast)

  • Hildryn emits a radial pulse with an initial radius of 5 / 6 / 7 / 8 meters, which follows her as an aura and rapidly expands outward by 20.0 meters per second over a duration of 2 seconds. Hildryn and allies touched by the expanding pulse are instantly cleansed of all negative Efecto de estados. Enemies in direct line of sight of Hildryn and within range of her aura are marked for pillage, reducing their escudos y armadura by 10% / 15% / 20% / 25%. When Pillage expires or when the ability key (default 2 ) is pressed again while the ability is active, the pulse instantly retracts to Hildryn to restore her missing shields and produce Overshields based on the amount or shields and/or armor stolen from all pillaged enemies.
  • Casting Pillage is a full body animation that stops Hildryn's grounded movement and other actions.
  • Pillage cannot be cast while Tormenta Aegis is active.
  • Hildryn's shoulder-mounted shield pads briefly become visible when Pillage is cast.
  • Enemies affected by Pillage glow in an upward stream of energy particles. Pillaged shields return to Hildryn as energy missiles once the ability expires or is recast while active.
  • Pulse, energy stream, and energy missiles are affected by Hildryn's chosen Warframe energy color.

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