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The Hive Sabotage mission is a variant of the regular Sabotaje mission. This type of mission was first introduced in the Operación: Caldos de cultivo Evento, and is now a regular mission node on Eris.


This mission requires players to destroy tres Colmena Infestadas, which are protected by cinco tumores infestados that must be destroyed before the hive can be harmed. Each hive destroyed will trigger an environmental hazard depending on the type of Hive destroyed, and will also increase the Infestación spawn rate.

There are six variants of Infested Hives that can appear, though only three Hives can appear in any mission, and certain hive variants can appear more often than others. A particular variant can only appear once per mission, though any of the six variants can appear in combination. Each variant can be identified by a physical feature or aura unique to each type.

Corpus Alijos, similar to those found in the Derrelicto Orokins, serve as a secondary objective. There are three caches hidden throughout the map, rewarding an additional item at the end of the mission for each cache discovered.

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Hives which are damaged but not destroyed, will regenerate after 5 seconds of not taking any damage. [1]

Codex Scanners and Synthesis Scanners reveal Infested Tumors within a short range through terrain.


Finding all three resource caches in Sabotaje de colmena missions has a chance to reward players with a Alto voltaje, Cartucho eléctrico, or Coordenadas de Navegación de Alad V mutalitico.

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