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Ruina aplastante es un mod de guardia para martillos. Wielders of this Stance thrust in strong whirlwind attacks.

Puede equiparse en:

✓ Marca las armas que tienen la misma polaridad que la guardia


Move Button Combination
Tidal Force EEE
Shattered Village EE  Pause E270%Imp.E170%3XE150%3X
Raging Whirlwind ERMB  + E170%Imp.E170%2XE270%
Winding Temper EEDownarrow.png  + E170%2XE270%3X
Crowd Fall Hold E , Release
Hell's Wave Slide + E
Mountain Chisel In Air + E
Cyclical Dwelling Wallrun + E
Final Word Aiming at Downed Enemy + E
    = Normal       = All Targets       = Slam
    = All Targets + Slam

Combo Name Tecla Combination
Tidal Force Default Melee AttackDefault Melee AttackDefault Melee Attack
Shattered Village* Default Melee AttackDefault Melee AttackPauseProc 270%360° Attack3x170%Slam3x150%
Raging Whirlwind* Default Melee AttackBlock+Proc 170%Default Melee Attack2x170%Slam270%
Winding Temper* Default Melee AttackDefault Melee AttackDown+Default Melee Attack2x170%Default Melee Attack3x270%
Crowd Fall Charge 400%

Hell's Wave Deslizarse + 360° Attack

Mountain's Chisel Saltando + Slam

Cyclical Dwelling Parkour + Default Melee Attack

Final Word Enemigo Derribado + Default Melee Attack600%
360° Attack 360° Attack  Slam Slam Attack  Proc Proc

 Ataques cuerpo a cuerpo

Default Melee Attack   Cuerpo a cuerpo  
Block   Bloquear  
Up   Dirección (Up)  
Charge Hold  
Pause   Pausa  

 Multipliers and Hits

Default Melee Attack200%   Attack does double damage  
Default Melee Attack2x   Attack hits twice  

 Exclusive Procs

Knockdown b.png    Derribo  
Finisher b.png    Remate en suelo  

  • PS4 Players E  = ORMB  = R2
  • Xbox Players E  = RBRMB  = LTrigger


  • The spinning attacks of the Shattered Village combo do 70% and 50% bonus damage, while the large swing after pause does 170% bonus damage.
  • The Second Attack of Shattered Village and Raging Whirlwind will always proc Impact.
  • Holding the attack button on the last spin of Shattered Village combo allows for chaining spin attacks, similar to Bosque estruendoso's Battering Roots.