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Un rifle láser Prime.

El rifle láser Prime es el arma por defecto para el Centinela Wyrm Prime, que es la primera versión del rifle láser que ofrece todo entorno a la mejora de los daños. Este arma acepta Mods de Rifle.

Este arma se vende por 1.250 Créditos.png .

Adquisición[editar | editar código]

  • This Sentinel weapon is automatically acquired by acquiring Wyrm Prime. Note that this weapon also takes up one slot in your Sentinel slots.

Características[editar | editar código]

This weapon deals primarily



  • High damage – effective against armadura.
  • More effective with Encendido than other sentinel weapons, due to its short overheat time and long cooldown time.



Configuraciones para el arma[editar código]

Notas[editar | editar código]

  • In-game, the Prime Laser Rifle can be visually distinguished from the Rifle láser by its golden yellow projectiles while firing, as opposed to the latter's blue projectiles.
  • The Prime Laser Rifle features improved base damage, rate of fire, status chance, critical chance, and critical damage over the standard Laser Rifle.

Curiosidades[editar | editar código]

  • The Prime Laser Rifle is the first Primed Sentinel weapon, and the first Primed item to have the term "Prime" as prefix rather than a suffix.
  • Despite the weapon itself being based off the Laser Rifle, the Prime Laser Rifle's icon is a primed version of the Láser de ráfagas.
  • When the Wyrm Prime was first introduced, it came equipped with the standard Laser Rifle on PC version, but it came equipped with the Prime Laser Rifle on the PS4. This technically makes the Prime Laser Rifle the first piece of content to appear on consoles first before the PC. This discrepancy was fixed in Revisión 13.9.2.

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