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Para la versión convocada por las unidades de Grineer en cualquier Misión, véase Regulador.
Detects intruders.

El Sensor Regulador es una variante del drón no tripulado Regulador Grineer que aparece en las misiones de Espionaje y Sabotaje sumergible. Unlike normal Regulators, that simply float in place, Sensor Regulators are mobile, and will move to patrol a location in search of enemies. While unarmed, Sensor Regulators are equipped with cameras that will trigger an alarm upon seeing a player or taking damage, alerting nearby Grineer and activating the relevant security measures (such as a Data Vault's purge sequence).


  • Their sensor beams do not pass through paned windows.
  • It can be possible to pass underneath their sensor beam without triggering the alarm.
  • Damage to Sensor Regulators taken from companions does not seem to always trigger the alarm.
  • Sensor Regulators are revealed on the minimap using Sensor enemigo or Radar enemigo.
  • Sensor Regulators do not count towards Exterminio objectives. They also do not trigger or remove Stealth Attack Affinity Bonuses, being considered an environmental object instead of a unit.
  • Sensor Regulators will not trigger the alarm if they are destroyed with a single hit. Silent, high-damage weapons such as the Dread, Opticor, or Paris Prime are all ideal for efficiently dealing with them; other high-damage weapons (e.g. Marelok Vaykor, Lex Prime) can also use Silenciar or Suprimir for a similar effect.
    • Note that the alarm will trigger if the Regulator takes damage but is not instantly destroyed by that singular burst of damage, so sustained weapons such as the Gammacor and Gammacor Synoid should be avoided despite their high damage output.

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Sensor Regulators will not raise alarms if:

The alarms will be triggered however if:

Additional Ability interaction:

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  • An Eximus variant was introduced in Actualización 18.0. These Sensor Regulators have 100% more armor and 200% more health, making them far more durable than standard versions. These units start spawning in Tier 2 (Level 15-25) Espionaje missions, and spawn more frequently in Tier 3 (Level 25+).


  • When viewed within their Códice, the Sensor Regulator will oddly slowly fall backwards until eventually falling to the ground, however the thruster effects will still remain in place.
  • The Sensor Regulator can be scanned indefinitely, resulting in consuming a Escáner del códice even if the entry is competed. This also applies to the Helios's Investigador precept.

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