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Golpeando con unas enormes hojas gemelas, el Redeemer dispara el golpe mortal con su escopeta acoplada.

El Redentor es un sable hibrido que combina las funciones de una escopeta con una arma cuerpo a cuerpo. Aparte de sus capacidades de combate cuerpo a cuerpo normal, el Redentor también puede disparar una escopeta cargada para golpear a enemigos a distancia.

Movimiento Combinación de botones
Fuego de Escopeta Matener E
Requisitos de fabricación
Skanas dobles
Tiempo: 12 hrs
Acelerar: 35 Platinum64
Precio del MarketIcon: 175 Platinum64 Precio del Blueprint2: 20,000 Credits64


Esta arma inflige principalmente daño .


  • Puede ser disparado usando la función de ataque cargado.
    • El disparo cargado tiene de manera innata atravesar.
  • Puede usar la guardia exclusiva para sable-pistola, Alto mediodía.


  • Baja probabilidad crítica y daño crítico.


  • El Redentor es la primera arma que requiere dos armas diferentes – la Vasto y las Skanas dobles – como materiales de construcción.
  • La descripción en el juego no corresponde con los requisitos de construcción. Se dice que tiene una escopeta construida, pero el arma utilizada para construirla es una Vasto, el cual es un revolver.

Véase tambiénEditar

  • Las Skanas dobles, las espadas cuerpo a cuerpo utilizadas para la construcción de esta arma.
  • La Vasto, el revolver usada para la construcción de esta arma.
  • El Glaive (Prime) y el Kestrel, otras armas cuerpo a cuerpo con capacidades de largo alcance.


Striking with massive twin blades, the Redeemer fires the killing blow with its built-in shotgun.

The Redeemer is a hybrid gunblade that merges the functions of a shotgun with a melee weapon. Apart from its normal melee abilities, the Redeemer can also fire off a charged shotgun blast to hit enemies at range.


This weapon deals primarily damage.


  • High damage – effective against Infested, Flesh and Cloned Flesh.
  • High charged attack damage.
  • Can attack enemies at range using the charge attack function.
    • Charge builds up very quickly.
    • Charged shot has innate Atravesar.
    • Enemies hit by the shot have a chance to be stunned for a moment, while enemies on close range will be ragdolled. Ragdoll affects all nearby enemies up to 4m.
    • Ranged charged attack benefits from 8.0x stealth's melee damage multiplier.
    • Does not use ammunition.
    • Charged attack deals very high total damage.
      • Listed charge damage is per pellet, i.e. each pellet deals 30 damage without mods.
    • The charged shot can be infinitely used by pressing and holding E with the right timing (rather than making a first melee attack followed by a shot).
      • This holds true also for charged shots while sliding, with the right timing.
      • Channeling affects the charged shot.


  • Charged shots have damage falloff.
  • Slow attack speed.
  • Low critical chance.
  • Attacks are queued which can result in the player stopping the combo before the final attack animation yet the weapon will continue the animation into the gunshot, which makes the player vulnerable to attack.
  • Jumping is impossible until the charging shot animation has fully finished.
  • When performing a ground finisher, you fire the Redeemer at your crosshairs and not at your target, meaning it is possible to miss ground finishers.
  • Very low status chance per pellet.

Configuraciones para el armaEditar


  • While using a primary or secondary weapon, holding E will fire off a charged shot from the weapon, while consistently hitting the melee button will use normal attacks. Likewise, When equipping the Redeemer, holding E will discharge the shotgun, however the final attack in its animation will also automatically discharge the weapon.
  • Unlike the Glaive or other throwing weapons, the Redeemer's ranged attack does not leave the user unable to use the weapon for several seconds, as the Redeemer never leaves the user's hands. Rapidly switching between ranged and melee attacks is thus possible with the Redeemer.
  • The Redeemer's shotgun blast shoots 10 pellets, each dealing the listed 30 thrown damage, giving the charged shot a total combined base damage of 300.
    • Charged shots scale with Combo Counter. Each target hit provides 1 hit to the counter. Multiple pellets striking a single target only count as 1 hit.
  • Blocking is possible while readying the shot, this can make up for the time it takes to prepare.
  • At the right angle, the effects of the blast on charged shots make it possible to blow nearby enemies away. This can be used effectively against Infested.
  • As this is a melee weapon, the shotgun blast benefits from Auras like Carga de acero and Channeling mods like Ataque vital.
  • The Redeemer can be fired while sprinting unlike Primary and Secondary weapons. Charging the weapon to do so will momentarily slow the Warframe down at the start of the charge before resuming full sprint.
  • Unlike guns, the shotgun blast will not make a Corredor Volátil explode on death, due to it being a melee weapon.
  • The Redeemer does not have an ammo limitation, so the shotgun can be fired as much as desired.
  • Firing the shotgun does not invalidate the "The Sword Alone" achievement.
    • Additionally, the Redeemer's shotgun will contribute to the "Swordsman" sub-mission.
    • Charged shots can be used in Sortie missions with the "Melee only" condition.
  • The charge attack function is affected by attack speed mods and Warframe abilities.
  • The maximum range of the charged attack is affected by Alcance.
  • The "display shaking" when using the charged shot is much stronger when Mirage's Hall of Mirrors is activated, possibly making aiming subsequent shots in much different directions harder if you are not used to it.
  • Like normal weapons, charged shots do not pass through Frost's Snow Globe if you are standing outside the globe.
  • Notice that the area blast effect will also destroy cracked windows on Corpus ships, causing a lockdown.
  • Charged shots that miss the target DO NOT influence the accuracy rating in the mission progress/mission summary tables. Each pellet of charged shots that successfully hit the target(s) DO influence the statistic.
  • Headshots are possible with charged shots. Headshots kills with charged shots ARE counted for the "Head Hunter" mission challenge; however, they ARE NOT counted in the mission progress/summary statistic.
  • Jumping is impossible until the charging shot animation has fully finished.
  • One should exert caution when firing a charged shot when playing in a group, as the charged shot may cause the screen of nearby tennos to shake, making aiming difficult.


  • If melee auto-aim is enabled, this allows your character to automatically aim directly at the nearest enemy in range and fire without additional aiming required.
  • Each pellet benefits from the bonus damage of Energy Channel, meaning a shotgun blast after using a Warframe's fourth skill could do an additional 2000 damage before any other bonuses.
  • Try to avoid standing extremely close to targets when firing the shotgun; it only does minimal damage and ragdolls as stated above. Stay at least five meters away when using the gun to ensure the majority of the pellets connect


  • The concept of a sword integrated with a gun is based off the real life concept of the Pistol Sword, although the Redeemer uses a shotgun instead of a pistol.
    • In particular, the Redeemer's grip stance with the blade parallel to the user's arm is reminiscent of the concept of the Indian Dagger Katar.
  • The Redeemer is the first weapon that requires two different weapons - the Vasto and the Skanas dobles - as crafting materials.
    • The in-game description does not match the crafting requirements. It says it has an in-built shotgun, but the gun used to build it is a Vasto, which is a revolver. This could be a reference to the Pistol Sword that the Redeemer is based on.
    • The shotgun on the Redeemer also consists of two barrels -one on each side of the blade- fitted to a drum-like clip akin to that of the Vasto.
  • It is stated in the design council that the Redeemer's design is based on the design of the Tigris shotgun.
  • Unlike most weapons, the Redeemer is twirled through the air into players' hands and back when equipped and unequipped rather than simply be drawn and sheathed.


Archivo:Glitchy Redeemer.jpg
  • Charging the blast with quick-melee and then jumping to cancel it will result in the Redeemer being held in combination with your current weapon.
  • The Redeemer is not properly aligned with the hands of some, if not all Warframe models, causing the already thin handle to clip into the user's hand, giving the appearance that the Redeemer is 'floating'.
  • If a weapon is fired until the magazine is fully depleted, the charged shot and reloading will sometimes happen concurrently. This is most visible with the Tigris, but has also been noted with other primaries.

See alsoEditar

  • Skanas dobles, the dual wield melee used to craft this weapon.
  • Vasto, the revolver used to craft this weapon.
  • Sarpa, another gunblade weapon.
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