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Una extraña unión de la tecnología del Corpus y de la biología infestada, este rifle automático puede desplegar una masa infestada flotante irradiada. Se requieren más pruebas de campo para comprender totalmente el potencial de esta arma.

El Quanta mutalítica es un Quanta infestado con una función de disparo rápido en lugar de la función de disparo continuo del Quanta. Al igual que su versión normal, el Quanta mutalítica posee una característica única de disparo alternativo, en este caso proyecta orbes infestados que aumentan el daño de los disparos que vuelan a través de ellos.


Este arma inflige principalmente daño de .


  • Deals high damage as well as moderate damage, making it effective against both heavy and light armored Grineer.
  • Its high fire rate and area of effect allows it to dispatch groups of Infested with ease.
  • Good status chance.
  • Perfect accuracy, identical to the Dera and Rifle de flujo.
  • Has a D polarity.
  • disparo alternativo:
    • Shoots a large, Infested orb that travels a short distance, stops, then explodes after a short timer. Additional shots will home in and combine with the bubble, similar to Simulor orbs, adding extra damage.
    • Each bubble will add bonus damage to fired shots (stacking up to 3 times) which decreases with added elemental mods. See notes.
    • Confuses enemies into attacking one another when they touch the orb, making it useful for crowd control.
      • Shots fired through the orb deal additional damage.
        • Some warframe abilities can also benefit (see below).
      • Adds a heavy base increase to critical chance (~25-30%) to shots fired through the bubbles.
      • Orbs produced can be moved around using melee attacks, allowing the mass to be thrown into multiple enemies after coming to a stop.
      • Orbs block enemy fire from passing though, such as Bombardero rockets.


  • Low critical chance
    • Crit chance is high when fired through the orbs, however.
  • Normal shots have slight travel time.
  • Disparo alternativo:
    • Fires a slow-moving projectile that moves at speeds similar to Napalm shots that decreases in speed after being ejected.
    • Additional shots will home in on each other if still moving, or home in on the closest one that is motionless; If fired too quickly, the second bubble will attract the first and force it behind the player.
    • Consumes 5 rounds; will not function with less than 5 rounds.
    • Long delay until explosion (9 sec).
    • Damages player slightly on explosion.
    • Bounces off environment and occasionally enemies.
  • Long reload time in comparison to DPS statistics. 

Configuraciones para el armaEditar


  • Bullets and some projectile-based Warframe abilities will gain a hefty base critical chance boost, as well as additional damage, when fired through the Mutalist Quanta's bubbles.
    • Shots fired through 1 bubble stack will gain ~29% damage increase without any addition of elemental mods. Two stacks will yield ~190% damage increase, while three stack will yield ~271% damage increase. However, the bonus damage will decrease with the addition of elemental mods. Any combination of elemental mods beyond +90% will yield negative damage gain (decreases overall damage) with only 1 bubble stack. Please update this information when hard data comes out however.
    • Shots fired through the bubble will also receive a 25% increase to critical multiplier, multiplicative with mods such as Sentido vital.
    • The electricity damage seems to combine with other single elements on projectile secondaries, but not on continuous or hitscan secondaries. This may be a bug.
    • The effects of a bubble stack can be stacked themselves, if the player has two separate bubble stacks.
  • Requiere una cantidad bastante grande de recursos, incluyendo 5 MutagenMass64 Masa Mutágena, 15.000 NanoSpores64 Nano Esporas, 1.200 Circuits64 Circuitos, 1 Forma64 Forma y 80.000 Créditos64 Créditos (incluyendo tanto el plano y el coste de la construcción).
  • The Mutalist Quanta has two distinct and separate firing modes: the normal attack fires full-auto projectiles at enemies that deal physical damage like other Corpus weapons such as the Dera. The secondary attack, fires a slow-moving cuboid sphere that deals damage and has 100% chance to proc. The orb will travel a short distance and then expand, before exploding 9 seconds later to deal AoE damage. Firing additional bubbles will cause them to collide and combine together, refreshing its duration. This sphere will bounce off solid obstacles like walls, and can be manipulated by hitting it with a melee weapon.
    • Note that increasing critical damage will not increase the innate damage multiplier of critical hits by the bubble itself. Rather, the bubble allows the weapon to crit and increases the current crit multiplier by 25%. E.g. Unmodded, the 1.5x multiplier will become 1.875x. With Sentido vital equipped, the 3.3x crit multiplier will become ~4.1x when shot through the bubble.
    • If enemies come into direct contact with the orb, they will turn against other enemies in the area temporarily if the player retreats from sight, similar to Nyx's Caos ability. This is particularly useful against large groups of enemies with Eximus units or other heavy units.
    • Mirage's Salón de espejos ability creates 4 illusory copies, 2 of which shoot their own weapon copies and can fire their own separate bubbles, also capable of increasing a weapon's critical stats. However, although these bubbles will be attracted to the original, they occasionally will not merge with it, effectively allowing the player to receive the increase three times. This even allows the Mutalist Quanta to achieve Orange Critical hits.
  • With both barrels rotating while firing, the weapon normally has the tendency to block the view of the user when engaging targets.
  • Explosion from orb also deals damage to allies, unlike other explosive weapons like the Penta and Ogris, although the damage is very minor.
  • Exploding orbs will also deal an proc.

Bubble InteractionsEditar

Normal weapons are not the only things that can be boosted by the disparo alternativo function. These include:

  • Void Beam from an Operador will gain additional base damage and will be able to critically hit even after the bubble vanishes, but will not gain any procs.
  • Congelación will gain the ability to critically hit, as well as gain extra damage, but will not add electric damage..
  • Bola de fuego will gain crit chance as well as combining with the electricity to create , which will proc.
  • Arco de Artemisa will have an increased chance to crit as well as additional electricity damage that can proc.
  • Gota de antimateria seems to have an increased chance to crit as well as bonus damage (needs further testing, damage is inconsistent due to damage falloff and headshots)
  • The secondary projectiles of Castigar will also be able to critically hit as well as bonus electric damage and procs, although this is extremely difficult to do (enemy must be inside the bubble for them to loop around and go through to hit them)
  • The direct impacts of all of Vauban's abilities will have bonus damage, the chance to crit, as well as a low chance to deal an electric proc. The abilities themselves are not affected.
  • Every time a mutalist quanta bubble touches a Zenistar disk, it will add crit chance to the weapon for the remainder of the duration. However, for whatever reason, it will lower the base damage of the weapon every time it does. This loss in base damage may be a bug, but it does cause the crit chance boost (even when red critting) to be worthless)


  • The weapon's disparo alternativo synergizes well with Mirage's Salón de espejos as her clones have the ability to shoot at least one projectile, up to three projectiles can be fired at once.
  • Calibre pesado seems to have very little effect on the Mutalist Quanta's accuracy in-game, making it a viable option for increasing the weapon's damage output.
  • The innate D polarity matches Munición criogénica Prime.
  • Orbs will immediately explode when impacting the following surfaces, allowing instant high damage to enemies:
    • Pompa, Bulwark, Rampart, Señuelo, Mudar.
    • While modding for additional critical chance is not recommended as the boost from the bubbles does not take in account mods, modding for critical damage is recommended as the bubbles allow that weapon to crit much more often.
  • The bubbles fired through the disparo alternativo function can increase the critical chance of some weapons to the point where they can red crit. For example,the Pyrana can never red crit even with Mira hidráulica, but when fire through the bubble a critical build Pyrana can crit with every pellet, and red crit occasionally.
    • It appears that any weapon that can gain at least 38% base crit chance (with Gambito de pistola Prime) and combined with Mira hidráulica, will have the ability to red crit when fired through the bubbles.


  • Will add crit chance each time it touches a Zenistar disc, but it will also lower the base damage of the damage ticks, resulting in lower and lower damage despite eventually being able to get red crits.
  • Bubbles from the disparo alternativo will awkwardly move in a random direction, usually towards the player, when stacking.
  • Mirage's clones from Salón de espejos can fire bubbles that will occasionally not stack with the original bubble despite being attracted to it, even giving the Mutalist Quanta the ability to Orange Crit. They can also however stack and fire off in random directions.


  • The word mutalist may refer to Mutualism, which is a sector in biology which refers to how two different species interact with each other where each individual benefits. Alternatively, it may simply be derived from mutate.
    • "Muta" is a form of the Latin verb mūtāre, which means "to alter/to change".
  • The word Quanta is the plural for Quantum, used in Physics as a measure of the smallest minimum constituent of any object, ex. a Photon is the smallest quantity of light.
  • The weapon has a non-static model, the weapon will rotate when firing and the Infested growth moves at all times as well.
    • Oddly, the Infested part of the weapon is static in the Arsenal screen, but becomes animated in a mission.
    • While reloading, the Infested part of the weapon will pull the magazine out of the gun and throw it away.
  • This was the first weapon to repurpose the Zoom key into a separate Alternate Fire key that results in a completely different attack.
  • It is also the first weapon to possess a separate disparo alternativo mode that is not engaged via charging.
  • This weapon is the third hybrid weapon added in the game (incorporating both Corpus and Infested characteristics), preceded by the Orokin/Grineer Seer and the Infested/Grineer Torid.
  • The projectiles appear to fire from the infested growth. Since the weapon rotates, the projectiles converge in a spiraling pattern toward the player's crosshair.
  • Oddly enough, the result of the Infestation of the weapon resulted in the arms to rotate when firing, normal shots turned into individual energy bursts that deal physical damage opposed to electricity, and the cubes to eject partially Infested energy.

Historial de actualizacionesEditar

Actualización 24.3
  • Changed the Mutalist Quanta Alt Fire damage type from Electricity to Toxin and slightly increased the Explosion Range from 6m to 8m.

Actualización 20.6

  • Removed unintended 25 Impact damage AOE when Mutalist Quanta orb expires (it still does 100 Electrical damage). The Impact damage never scaled with Mods and would only have hit if the target was inside the orb.

Revisión 20.2.3

  • Reduced the Rift Stasis weight of the Mutalist Quanta stackable projectile.

Revisión 20.0.2

  • Fixed Mutalist Quanta projectiles not scaling when stacked.

Actualización 20.0

  • Mutalist Quanta orbs can now stack.

Actualización 19.4.2

  • Increased Mutalist Quanta riven disposition.

Actualización 18.11

  • Fixed the Mutalist Quanta store icon being too small.

Actualización 18.5

  • PBR update.

Revisión 17.0.5

  • Fixed the muzzle flash of the Mutalist Quanta blocking field of vision too much.

Actualización 14.9

  • Fixed an issue where the Mutalist Quanta could be completely reloaded at the start of the animation, the animation must now complete before all ammo is reloaded.

Revisión 14.0.11

  • Reduced the damage multipliers across multiple weapons in an effort to provide a more balanced playing field across all weapons. Details of these weapons involved:
    • Damage multipliers for the Amprex, Brakk, Drakgoon, Karak, Hind, Marelok, Mutalist Quanta, Tysis, AkLato, Burston Prime, Lato, Braton, Tetra, Tigris all normalized (no more arbitrary multipliers).

Revisión 14.0.5

  • Performance Improvements for Mirage + Hall of Mirrors and Angstrum, Ogris, Penta, and Mutalist Quanta, and Stug.

Actualización 14.0

  • Fixed issue with Mutalist Quanta dealing friendly fire damage.


  • Fixed Clients being unable to deal damage when shooting through Mutalist Quanta orb.

Actualización 13.9

  • Fixed an issue with the alt fire on the Mutalist Quanta being duplicated by Nyx's Absorb ability.

Actualización 13.8

  • Añadido al juego.

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  • Quanta, the original Corpus weapon.
  • Paracyst, the fully Infested version of this weapon.
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