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Tres muertes en rápida sucesión invocan una segunda Pyrana etérea para el doble de golpe mortal.

Pyrana Prime is the Prime variant of Pyrana, sporting higher critical stats, longer range before damage falloff occurs, increased magazine size, and faster reload, at the expense of damage and slower fire rate. When the weapon kills three times in quick succession, a second ethereal Pyrana appears for a short time, transforming the weapon into an akimbo.

Requisitos de fabricación
Célula Orokin.png
Tiempo: 12 hrs
Acelerar: 50 Platinum.png
Precio del MarketIcon.png: N/A Precio del Blueprint2.svg: N/A
Ubicación de componentes
Plano Lith P1 Raro (R)
Lith P2 Raro (R)
Meso P1 Raro (R)
Axi P1 Raro (R)
Axi P2 Raro (R)
Axi P3 Raro (R)
Cañón Cañón Lith L2 Común (R)
Meso E2 Común (R)
Meso N7 Común (R)
Neo A2 Común (R)
Neo V7 Común (R)
Axi A8 Común (R)
Axi C4 Común (R)
Receptor Receptor Neo C1 Poco común (R)
Neo G2 Poco común (R)
Neo Z2 Poco común (R)
Axi C3 Poco común (R)
Axi K3 Poco común (R)
Lith/Meso/Neo/Axi indica el nivel de reliquia del Vacío.
(R) indica la condición de retirada para dicha reliquia.
(B) indica la exclusividad por parte de Baro Ki'Teer.


This weapon deals primarily Slash b.svg damage.


  • High Slash b.svg damage – effective against salud.
  • Very high critical chance.
  • Above average critical damage multiplier.
  • Fully automatic.
  • Fast reload speed.
  • Efficient ammo economy.
  • 3 kills within 2 seconds summons a second Pyrana for 5 seconds, doubling its fire rate and magazine size.
  • Innate two Madurai Pol.svg polarities.


  • Low Impact b.svg y Puncture b.svg damage – less effective against escudos y armadura.
  • Linear damage falloff from 100% to 72.7% from 18m to 36m target distance (distances are affected by Velocidad de proyectil).
  • Baja probabilidad de estado.
    • Before 100% status chance, the listed status chance is the base chance per shot that at least one pellet will proc a status; the actual base status chance per pellet is ~1.06%.
  • Low accuracy.
  • High recoil, especially on full auto and with the second Pyrana.
  • Shots go to the right and up. Horizontally it hits rightmost side of the reticle at 3m, worsening at longer distances.


  • Killing 3 enemies in quick succession while having 2 Pyranas will not refresh the duration of the ethereal Pyrana.
  • Upon activating the ethereal Pyrana, the number of rounds in its modded clip size are added to the clip (eg. if modded clip size is 14, 14 rounds are added when ethereal Pyrana is conjured). When the ethereal Pyrana disappears, the clip is reduced to the modded clipsize (eg. if the modded clip size is 14, any number of rounds in the current clip will be reduced to 14, unless the number of rounds is below 14 as it will remain the same).
  • The Pyrana Prime generates a large amount of recoil, which is even more noticeable when dual wielding with the ethereal Pyrana.
  • Pyrana Prime's passive still applies while dual wielding

Historial de actualizaciones[]

Revisión 23.0.5

  • Fixed the Pyrana Prime auto-switching to another weapon when the magazine empties.

Revisión 23.0.4

  • Fixed Pyrana Primes ethereal buff being permanent by Transferring to the Operator while the ethereal Pyrana buff runs out.

Revisión 23.0.3

  • Introducido.

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