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Pulso elétrico allows the Diriga sentinel to repeatedly stun a single enemy within range using status effect.

It will lock on to targets within 10m and will track them until they're killed or they get farther than 15m away. After it loses a target there is a short cooldown time before it will activate this precept again.

It is not a 'perfect' incapacitation; although it renews the electrocution every third of a second there is still a small window where enemies can attack or use abilities.

Although it deals no damage it can be very useful against attackers in close quarters.


Rango Cooldown Range Coste de capacidad
0 10s 15m 2
1 9s 15m 3
2 8s 15m 4
3 7s 15m 5
4 6s 15m 6
5 5s 15m 7


  • Enemies will be able to fire a few shots off or use an ability between stun animations.

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