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Ha surgido una lucha de poder dentro del Corpus. En su deseo por obtener el control, Nef Anyo decide mirar al pasado... a los orígenes del propio Corpus..
—descripción en el juego

El Protocolo Punto muerto es una aventura opcional que se juega en modo solo lanzada en la Actualización 28, donde Nef Anyo busca hacerse con el control del Corpus afirmando haber encontrado un heredero de su Fundador, Parvos Granum. Completar esta aventura otorga el plano de Protea.png Protea.


La Junta Directiva de Corpus está indecisa. Para demostrar que es el heredero legítimo, Nef Anyo ha estado tratando de encontrar pruebas genéticas de sus lazos ancestrales con el fundador del Corpus, Parvos Granum, encontrando sus restos, lo que le permitiría hacerse con el control de la Junta. Encontrar rastros del guardaespaldas personal de Parvos Protea.png Protea, su búsqueda lo lleva al Granum Void, donde ha estado sacrificando trabajadores de Solaris para ver el interior de este reino interdimensional.

El Tenno sigue a uno de estos trabajadores de Solaris y descubre que Parvos Granum ha estado vivo desde la Era Orokin, salvado por Protea.png Protea, quien cambió su vida para encerrar a Parvos Granum en el Vacío atemporal. Resulta que Parvos Granum atrajo a los Tennos al Vacío para que Protea.png Protea escaneara sus warframes y volviera a ser funcional, como un espectro.

Nef Anyo decide aliarse con los Tenno para evitar que Parvos Granum y su espectro de Protea.png Protea escapen del Granum Void, dándoles cifrados para acceder a los archivos Corpus en Parvos. Después de piratear las bases de datos de Corpus para construir Xoris.png Xoris, la invención de Parvos Granum vinculada a la tecnología Spectre, los Tennos vuelven a entrar en Granum Void, liberando a los cautivos de Solaris y derrotando al espectro de Protea.png Protea.

Sin embargo, Parvos Granum logró escapar a la realidad, trazando planes para reestructurar la facción Corpus o comenzar una nueva filosofía bajo el pretexto de "una amenaza inminente de Tau", ofreciendo al Tenno un lugar en su mesa de negociaciones.


This quest can be accessed directly from the Códice, after completing the Vox Solaris and being Mastery Rank 4.

A short cinematic will play, where Nef Anyo has begun to restructure the Corpus fleet by invoking the "Deadlock Protocol": a contingency initiative in case the Corpus Board of Directors should ever be caught in a permanent voting impasse; having unsuccessfully voted seven times so far with seven directors for and seven opposed, again and again each time. The Tenno then receives a broadcast from Vox who announces that the power structure within the Corpus is failing and that it is Solaris United's time to rise.

Decrypt Nef Anyo's Deadlock memorandum (Interception, Venus)[]

Eudico contacts the Tenno informing them that the Deadlock Protocol is costing Solaris lives; Nef Anyo has claimed to have found an heir to the Corpus Founder, Parvos Granum, who can potentially unite the Corpus Board of Directors and bring about disaster to Solaris United.

This mission is a three-round Interception with only two towers. Eudico uses these towers to decrypt Nef Anyo's memorandum, where he explains his birth history within the Corpus before boldly claiming that he himself is the genetic heir to the Founder, and he only needs to prove this.

Visit Eudico in Fortuna[]

Eudico calls the Tenno to meet within the backroom of Fortuna. The Business introduces Protea.png Protea, a Warframe personally assigned to Granum by the Orokin themselves. Granum was assassinated, presumably by a Board member, when the Void drive of his personal transport was sabotaged, and Nef Anyo is searching for remains of Protea who was supposedly with Granum during his death.

Learn the fate of missing Solaris ("Volunteers", Venus)[]

On landing, The Business directs the Tenno to locate a Protean Sensor, which is a giant hand in gold, a tribute to the late Granum who was missing his left hand. They are interrupted by a Void-temporal shift and an announcement of Nef Anyo bringing in "volunteers". In order to understand the situation, The Business directs the Tenno to take control of a nearby Corpus Systems and then defend it.

The Tenno are then directed to another Protean Sensor. Upon arrival, they see a Solaris worker being vaporized by the hand, much to Eudico's shock. After defending the next Corpus Systems, the Tenno receives a live feed from the vaporized Solaris, who has been transported to the Void, much to Nef Anyo's delight.

Return to Fortuna[]

Back in the backroom, The Business reveals how to operate the Granum Tributes, using an item called a Granum Crown located somewhere on the Corpus ships.

Beat Nef to Granum Void (Tributes, Phobos)[]

While searching for the Granum Crown, Nef Anyo declares he is ready to send a Treasurer to make a tribute himself. The Tenno must intercept the Treasurer and loot the Granum Crown they drop, then make their way to a Granum Tribute.

Upon offering the tribute, the Tenno are transported to the Granum Void, discovering a very much alive Parvos Granum who has been preserved thanks to Protea's time-manipulating abilities, but has become but a Specter of herself. As the Tenno fight off Errant Specters, Granum does not deny that Nef Anyo is his son, but disowns him and rejects his twisted and selfish methods within the Corpus; Granum reveals that he had simply been using Nef Anyo to summon the Tenno. Protea had become reinvigorated with her kin, before promptly ejecting them from the Void with a {{Ability}} Temporal Anchor not found. A time dilation brings the Tenno back onto the ship as if they had never entered the Void; a confused Business tells the Tenno to extract as the Errant Specters begin to appear.

Acquire parts to build the Xoris (The Xoris, Europa)[]

On the Orbiter, the Tenno receive an inbox message from an enraged and betrayed Nef Anyo, who is willing to call truce with Solaris United due to the threat of the Protea Specter: if the Tenno are able to defeat it, they in return will be able to rescue the Solaris trapped in the Void. To that end, he supplies the Tenno with a blueprint for the Xoris.png Xoris Glaive.

This mission is a Spy. All three vaults need to be hacked to obtain the Xoris Handle, Core, and Blade. The vaults reveal that Parvos Granum was developing the Specter Particle Theory, and used it to wipe out a Warframe strike force during the old Orokin Era. The Business declares that Granum's high intelligence could be seen as a threat to Solaris United.

Use your Xoris to free Solaris captives in Granum Void (Parvos Granum, Neptune)[]

With the parts in hand, the Tenno must build the Xoris in the Foundry. While crafting, The Business discovers that Granum may soon be capable of leaving his Void domain.

Returning to the Corpus fleet, Nef Anyo, declares the Tenno are too late as the Errant Specters have overrun his fleet. Unwilling to let his ships be captured, he breaks his deal with Solaris United and engages the self-destruct sequence on his ships. The Tenno is able to retrieve the Treasurer's Granum Crown and enter the Granum Void just before the ship explodes.

To save the three Solaris workers trapped within the Granum Void, the player must "charge" the Xoris by killing the Specter Particles with its melee attacks. After accumulating three charges, they must detonate the Xoris mid-flight via the Alternate Fire button near the Solaris worker.

After freeing the Solaris workers, the Protea Specter leaves her pedestal to do battle, armed with her signature Velox.png Velox sidearm and a Gunsen.png Gunsen. After depleting her health, she will activate {{Ability}} Temporal Anchor not found to regain all her health; the player must stop this using the Xoris's discharge. The process must be repeated three more times to defeat the Protea Specter.

Upon defeating Protea, the Tenno are ejected from the Granum Void and are warped back in time, to the beginning of the mission, just before Nef Anyo decides to activate the ship's self-destruct. The Tenno extract from a confused Nef Anyo and his specter-less ship.

Upon returning to the Orbiter, Vox broadcasts for the Solaris to celebrate their united front with the Tenno. The player is rewarded a blueprint for the Protea.png Protea Warframe. Meanwhile, Parvos Granum delivers an inbox message to the Tenno informing them of his intentions to restructure the Corpus to counter the impending threat from Tau, otherwise, he will abandon his children to create a new doctrine, inviting them and Solaris United a seat at his new table, also awarding them the Granum Void Captura Scene.


  • Players who already have a fully built Protea.png Protea prior to completion of this quest will additionally receive a Riven Mod.

Historial de actualizaciones[]

Revisión 29.0.8
  • Fixed Parvos Granum appearing visually blown out in some cases.

Revisión 28.3.2

  • Fixed timer/enemies not spawning in The Deadlock Protocol Quest Granum Void.

Revisión 28.2.1

  • Fixed Lotus VO appearing in the Deadlock Protocol Quest when it shouldn’t.

Revisión 28.0.5

  • Increased the sparkle in Parvos’ eyes in his transmissions. This is the change we all wanted to see.

Revisión 28.0.2

  • Granum Void enemies during the final mission of The Deadlock Protocol Quest will now drop Ammo and Energy.

Actualización 28

  • Introducido.

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