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Los Portadores de energía are special units found only on Excavación missions. These units are mostly identical to their standard base units, though they feature greatly improved health, and visibly carry Célula de energías on their backs. Killing these units will make them drop the Célula de energías they carry, allowing Tenno to recover them for use in powering their Excavación machines. La versión de Grineer se basa en Lanceros, la versión de Corpus se basa en Tripulantes y los Infestados se basan en Halieto Mutalíticos.


  • They don't serve any purpose to their respective faction, as they don't seem to require anything to be powered.
  • A Instigador variant first appeared in the Shifting Sands Alerta táctica, and can currently be found on Excavación missions on Marte. Apart from its ability to use its jetpack and fire missile barrages, this variant also uses a Lato instead of the standard Grakata when airborne. Unlike normal Instigadors, the Instigador Power Carrier prefers to use its Lato when attacking, and will rarely use its missile launchers.
  • Unlike their regular counterparts, Halieto Mutalítico Carriers cannot use charge attacks, they fire infested spores instead, like Atacante Mutalíticos.
  • Power Carriers are affected by Nekros' Profanar, Hydroid's Enjambre robador and Atlas' Mirada mineral in order to gain more than one Célula de energía from the enemy.
  • The Halieto Mutalítico Carrier was buffed in the Specters Of The Rail update, allowing the enemy to aggressively rush the excavator and now has the ability to fire it's weapon in bursts. One of these power carriers can destroy an excavator in just a few shots if left unchecked. The only way they stop firing is if they are captured in Bastilla as well, otherwise they will fire at players and the excavators even if blinded. Also immune to slash procs


Instigador portador de energía General Misceláneo
Añadido : Sin determininar
Escenario Asentamiento Grineer Escaneos de Códice 20
Arma Grakata
Otras Recompensas Ninguna
Estadísticas Botín de Mods Same as regular version
Carne clonada 100
Cortante b.png + Calor b.png + Viral b.png +++ Impacto b.png  Gas b.png ‐‐
Armadura de ferrita 100
Toxina b.png + Perforación b.png ++ Corrosivo b.png +++ Cortante b.png - Explosión b.png -
Afinidad Base 250
Nivel Base 1


Halieto Mutalítico Carrier can still attack while being stunned, blinded or sleeping.

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