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Penumbra PenumbraIcon
Activa un campo de camuflaje que oculta al warframe y a cualquier aliado cercano que permanezca quieto.
Consumo de energía: 5 s-1
Rango:40 / 52 / 64 / 76 m

  • The Itzal deploys a cloaking field that renders itself and all allies within 40 / 52 / 64 / 76 meters invisible for as long as they are stationary, making enemies unable to find and attack them. Allies that move within the field will have their invisibility removed; similarly if the caster moves, all nearby allies will be revealed.
    • Cloaking field radius is affected by rango de habilidades.
    • Range values indicated in the UI (10 / 13 / 16 / 19 meters) are actually on-foot range values as measured in standard Warframe missions; the actual range in an Archwing mission is quadruple the on-foot range.
    • While Penumbra is active, enemies will be susceptible to Stealth Damage Multipliers from melee attacks as long as the Itzal remains stationary. Lunging with melee attacks will deactivate the cloaking field.
  • Penumbra drains 5 energy per second and will consume energy for as long as the ability is active. Penumbra will end if the Itzal runs out of energy, the caster moves, or the ability is deactivated by pressing the ability key again (default 2 ).
  • When Penumbra is activated, enemies locked onto the user will immediately switch to a different target. If they have no other targets, they will return to passive status until fired upon again. Unlike aggressive ground enemies who may fire upon or melee attack the position the user is at, enemies will simply move to the position of the cloaked player.
  • Activating Penumbra will also break homing locks for seeking projectiles, such as the missiles fired by Instigador Dargyns, causing them to veer wildly off-course.
  • Penumbra will reset enemy alert status once activated and all allies are cloaked, allowing for completion of the Stealth Recompensas por desafío even after being spotted.
  • Casting Destello, Aplastamiento cósmico o Escolta luchador does not break Penumbra's cloaking field.
  • The drones spawned by Escolta luchador will not attack enemies if cloaked by Penumbra (this may be a bug).
  • Casting this ability nullifies a Dreg Temporal tractor beam's hold on the Itzal.

  • Take advantage of the ability to shoot out of the cloaking field to attack enemies whilst tougher Archwings draw fire, as Itzal doesn't have as much Armor, Health, or Shielding as the Odonata or Elytron.
  • You can still use the basic Destello ability to move around without breaking the Penumbra field. Combining the two abilities is great for escaping and recovering shields and health, as enemies won't pursue you.
  • Use Penumbra as a form of cover or protection whilst reviving incapacitated allies; they'll also receive the benefits of the cloak, and so won't be attacked by enemies as soon as they've recovered. This gives them more time to get their bearings and fire off any useful area-suppression abilities they might have.
  • Penumbra is very useful while protecting a point in Interception. While cloaked you cannot be targeted, allowing you to easily kill enemies, and when you run low on energy use Aplastamiento cósmico to quickly gather energy from killed enemies to repeat the process.

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