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The Operation Sling-Stone is an event in the Warframe universe Forum Post. The event was held the weekend of July 26th-28th, 2013. The event started around 9:30PM GMT and ended with the destruction of the last ship on Sunday night.

We have learned that the Grineer empire prepared a large-scale offensive against the corpus. The Grineer launch new ships of the Fomorian class that will attack the corpus within a few days. While we are so happy to see the Corpus suffer we know not to permit such an increase in power of Grineer. We must work together to destroy the Fomorian ships, wherever they appear. If we fail, we will suffer resource shortages that will hinder our war effort.
—Hidden translated message within the Vasto Reinforcements video


The Grineer Empire is preparing a major offensive against the Corpus. Band together in special sabotage missions to destroy the Fomorian ships deployed by the Grineer which will appear in the Corpus region this weekend! Succeed, and be graciously rewarded; fail, and suffer from the Grineer's invasion.

You will need to find a new special substance to destroy these Fomorian Reactors. This substance comes in 3 forms and is earned by killing Infested.

  • Stable Corrupter: This will do normal damage when used to sabotage the ships core.
  • Alpha Corrupter: Useless by itself, but when used in tandem with a player sabotaging using the Beta Corrupter – it does QUAD damage to the reactor.
  • Beta Corrupter: Useless by itself, but when used in tandem with a player sabotaging using the Alpha Corrupter – it does QUAD damage to the reactor.

Follow the community progress bar in-game throughout the weekend. After the event, the Corpus will (grudgingly) reward the Tenno with new Tecnología Mod 'Conversión de munición'. Players will gain points for contributing to destroying ships (see Abajo para recompensas).

IF we are unsuccessful in our mission:

  • Any regions with surviving Fomorians at the end of the event will see their resource drops cut in half for several weeks.

Be vigilant, Tenno! You have until July 29 to complete your mission. Rewards will be given after the event ends on July 29

If you are in a clan of 1 to 1000 people, your clan will fit into one of the following tiers based on its size:

  • Ghost Clan: 1-10 members
  • Shadow Clan: 11 - 30 members
  • Storm Clan: 31-100 members
  • Mountain Clan: 101-300 members
  • Moon Clan: 301 - 1000 members
  • Clans with greater than 1000 members will be evaluated by amount of points accumulated by the clan divided by the clans membership. Best ratio earns the statue.

Detalles de la misión del evento

Las naves Fomorianas aparecerán como nuevas misiones en un área. La misión es una defensa cronometrada con un temporizador de aproximadamente 3 minutos. Solo un jugador necesita traer un Corruptor Estable ; los otros jugadores deben traer otros dos Corruptores, el corruptor alfa y el corruptor beta. Los corruptores se ganan matando Infestados y son consumibles. Ganar una misión contra las naves Fomorianas les otorga puntos de jugador:

  • Estable (3 minutos de defensa cronometrada) = 3 puntos
  • Alfa o Beta sin la otra (3 minutos de defensa cronometrada) = 2 puntos
  • Estable + Alfa o Beta (2 minutos de defensa cronometrada) = 5 puntos
  • Alfa + Beta (2 minutos de defensa cronometrada) = 7 puntos
  • Los 3 Corruptores (1 minuto de defensa cronometrada) = 10 puntos


  • Sling Stone Emblem:  "An insignia awarded to the Tenno Elite who proved themselves during Operation Sling-Stone." A holographic badge given to all players who participated in the event.

Naves fomorianas destruidas

Corb (Plutón) Ethniu (Urano) Elatha (Marte) Balor (Mercurio)
Neit (Europa) Tethra(Venus) Bres (Júpiter) Chichol (Tierra)
Birog (Saturno) Buarainech (Eris) Conand (Ceres) Nemed (Sedna)
Lugh (Neptuno)


The name "Fomorian" is taken from Irish mythology, an Anglicized version of "Fomoire", referencing a semi-divine race. From Wikipedia;

[...] The etymology of the name Fomoire (plural) has been cause for some debate. Medieval Irish scholars thought the name contained the element muire "sea", owing to their reputation as sea pirates. [...]

  • The Hidden message within the Vasto Reinforcements video directly quotes the Lotus Intel 2
  • In regards to Corruptors, the Stable Corruptors appear to drop from normal infested, and the Alpha and Beta Corruptors drops from Ancients. (Conformation needed, currently speculation).
  • For every Corruptor inserted, the time required to defend the Fomorian Injector is reduced by one minute. Starting with 3 minutes, adding all three Corruptors will reduce defend time to one minute.
  • The "Sling-shot" may be a reference to the one used by Lugh to kill Balor, the Fomorian king with a shot through his eye. In mythology, the weapon might also have been a spear.


  • There seems to be a bug where you are unable to equip another piece of equipment after using a "Stable Corruptor". Message – "Cannot equip Stable Corruptor while Stable Corruptor is still equipped" (Even after being used.)
    • You are able to play a Fomorian Sabotage mission within the event if you are in a party when there is no "Stable Corruptor" equipped.
  • It appears to be a bug that can reward the mission with 15 points and zero defense time. What needs to be done to do so is that there is 2 Tenno with the same corruptor one being the host, the other being a regular Tenno. they both need to insert the corruptors with about 0,5-1 second apart. the first needs to be the regular Tenno while the second insertion is the host.
    • To successfully do this it is recommended that the 2 Tenno have a direct link of communication or that a third Tenno initiates a countdown.
  • There seems to be a bug when you join a Fomorian mission it says "Starting Terminus" instead of the name of the Fomorian ship.
  • The developers mentioned in Livestream 11 that Operation Sling-Stone was "designed for the community to fail". The merit in having the community fail an event was supposedly to prove that it was possible to fail at all, thus instilling further events with the kind of urgency and importance that was originally intended. Many players were claiming that DE would never let the community fail an event.

Tabla de clasificación del evento

Source for leaderboards.


Ghost Clan
Rank Points Clan Name
1. 14247 Hands of a Killer
2. 14014 You're Extra Special
3. 10379 All Warframes Bulletin
4. 9596 Coup de Grace
5. 8549 Classy Ninjas
6. 5447 RedText
7. 5409 Sektion 39
8. 5016 TheChosen
9. 4865 Ninjas of the Night
10 4675 CrownDefenders
Shadow Clan
Rank Points Clan Name
1. 22877 Neuro
2. 16669 Just Team
3. 15737 CLANMGF
4. 15370 Whispering Tenno
5. 13430 AMATERAS
6. 12972 DMH
7. 11152 Knights of the Blood Oath
8. 10984 Sinigir
9. 10913 hattori
10. 9719 Blue Lotus Exiles
Storm Clan
Rank Points Clan Name
1. 62707 HYDRAE
2. 43327 Quantum Entanglement
3. 36517 Pwnography
4. 31930 Camp Kill Yourself
5. 31267 Pink Giant Octopus
6. 27657 warframe
7. 23284 Broframes
8. 21314 sGs
9. 18962 1000 Ninja
10. 18291 ASSGARRD
Mountain Clan
Rank Points Clan Name
1. 122449 Eingreiftrupp
2. 45372 The Celestial Shogunate
3. 43516 Blackmist
4. 41446 Legion Orokin
5. 35360 Fever
6. 30205 TennoAlliance
7. 28270 Reapers of Doom
8. 23702 Hidden Vault
9. 23547 Novastorm
10. 22115 The Resistance
1001+ Clans
Rank Members Points Normalized Value Clan Name
1. 1052 229589 218 Warbros
2. 1255 145634 116 Test Clan Please Ignore
3. 1043 97565 94 Lone Rangers
4. 3859 328172 85 Asuro
5. 1953 156993 80 Gryphus Tech Corporation Warframe
6. 1105 74127 67 Soy Sauce Union
7. 2735 177475 65 TW
8. 3518 198016 56 Warframe Japan
9. 7494 379256 51 BROFRAME
10. 1790 68283 38 Dark Vector

Top 100 Players

Points Alias
6970 Salzza
6380 unpr3dlctabl3
6155 Tellrunya
6013 Sithgar
5902 -HHH
5858 ULTRAn1ce
5753 iCr4zZy
5130 minuscmd
5112 GKone
5015 Myliah
5015 Blacksidde
4458 Veselchuna
4441 Epicst4rs
4330 Kulkikoa
4312 Cholly266
4225 tyr0wl
4211 ZodiacShinryu
4121 malkiavian
4105 Butyllithium
3958 Petch
3952 achiral
3920 Skirata1
3915 Odjit
3906 mathieuv30
3849 Fayded
3842 Pepitow51
3767 Canas
3760 Sneakus
3746 RealEnex
3732 yuikami
3663 DecoyCode
3603 Abelarde
3577 Ophan
3430 Hydeout
3340 ElNazca
3310 Rrestart
3309 Armouredhunter
3305 itisempty
3290 TGPhoenix
3279 AngelOmega
3278 reesim
3192 Zineh
3172 h3d0n1St1k
3168 2Renji
3159 Deluxe87
3135 SolPhoenix
3110 Deadspore
3095 Delthiel
3056 Sangracine
3045 AtLasVegas
3043 Kyght
3012 Patemaani
3000 Truie
2980 Dragonrise
2979 M4DD0X
2960 PirateTrade
2911 Rush990
2898 Strunkie
2887 Shmidley
2861 Kitaiikan
2847 Deadl0ck
2820 Fa1nTuk
2813 Bboy500
2812 Dousiq
2797 Cotein
2785 GBTW
2779 Infekt1on
2778 XenTownsend
2760 cucumis
2758 -BELLUM-
2752 Vhung
2737 Agent_of_Change
2722 D3athRope
2715 Wratharos
2695 tsubasakuroi
2682 AreusOmniae
2682 Daisho
2680 Darkscars
2680 collstro
2678 OrangeCRAZY
2654 Asimo
2648 OmniLight
2627 OaKLeYz
2614 thewarrior96
2601 AceViper
2600 Tirtul
2578 Metalarcher
2575 Wordtalker
2555 SanguineXIII
2545 Eisvogel
2540 TrevV
2504 Neitsabes
2479 Ernski
2478 Excitonex
2460 Killsaw
2450 Kastan
2443 acdK
2428 AmoBro
2426 Istial