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Operation The Gradivus Dilemma.png

Intel shows a growing conflict that will begin on Gradivus in Mars. Expect it to spread. The Grineer are planning an operation against the Corpus lead by Sargas Ruk. Alad V of the Corpus has discovered a cache of Tenno in cryosleep and intends on exploiting them for his secret weapons project. The Grineer are outraged at this contract violation. They are using this as an excuse to invade Corpus space, enslave the local population, and grow their power. The Lotus is your guide but not your conscience. You will have to choose which side to support: Choose Loyalty, and side with the Grineer to destroy Corpus forces and free your kin. Choose Sacrifice, siding with Corpus to halt the Grineer conquest and enslavement of colonies.

Both sides have reached out to the Lotus with reward offers for each contested location as well as rewards for the conflict as a whole.

The Gradivus Dilemma was an Evento that was held from Thursday, October 24 2013 @ 06:00 A.M. GMT through Wednesday, October 30 2013 @ 4:00 P.M. GMT. The event was focused on special Exterminio missions in locations on Mars that the Grineer and Corpus were competing for control of. Tenno chose to assist a faction of their choice in defeating the other, with special rewards having been offered by each faction for helping them achieve victory.

Warframe News: The Gradivus Dilemma

Battle Pay

Both sides offered payment for supporting them in a particular contested location on Mars. Selecting a conflict location presented a choice of sides and their respective battle pay. Your battle pay was only given after the location conflict is resolved regardless of which side ultimately won the location. You will need to commit to a single side to earn this Battle Pay by completing 5 missions to prove your support. If you switch sides, you will erode your rating with the opposition and could receive neither reward till you increased one side to five again. Battle Pay was sent to your inbox after the local conflict ends.

Missions Affected and Battle Rewards

Marte Battle:

Resolved Conflicts

Gradivus - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - OrokinCatalyst64.png blueprint
  • Corpus - 100.000 Créditos.png

Spear - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - Célula Orokin.png x3
  • Corpus - 125.000 Créditos.png

Quirinus - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - Masa Mutágena.png x3
  • Corpus - 200.000 Créditos.png

Ultor - (Plantilla:Corpus Text victory)

  • Grineer - Mórficos.png x3
  • Corpus - 150.000 Créditos.png

Martialis - (Plantilla:Corpus Text victory)

  • Grineer - OrokinReactor64.png Blueprint
  • Corpus - OrokinCatalyst64.png Blueprint

Augustus - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - Fieldron.png x5
  • Corpus - 100.000 Créditos.png

Olympus - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - Masa Mutágena.png x4
  • Corpus - 100.000 Créditos.png

Silvanus - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - 150.000 Créditos.png
  • Corpus - Neurodos.png x3

Vallis - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - 150.000 Créditos.png
  • Corpus - Vauban Helmet Blueprint

Arval - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - Forma.png Blueprint
  • Corpus - Forma.png Blueprint

Alator - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - Inyector de Detonite.png x3
  • Corpus - Fieldron.png x3

Quirinus - (Plantilla:Corpus Text victory)

  • Grineer - 150.000 Créditos.png
  • Corpus - OrokinReactor64.png Blueprint

Ara - (Plantilla:Corpus Text victory)

  • Grineer - 150.000 Créditos.png
  • Corpus - OrokinReactor64.png Blueprint

Hellas - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - Masa Mutágena.png x3
  • Corpus - Fieldron.png x3

Ares - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - 125.000 Créditos.png
  • Corpus - Célula Orokin.png x5

Olympus - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - Vanguard Rhino Helmet Blueprint
  • Corpus - Thrak Rhino Helmet Blueprint

Arcadia - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - TeamAmmoRestore.png x10 (1 Blueprint)
  • Corpus - TeamHealRestore.png x10 (1 Blueprint)

The following 4 crossed-out nodes were "manually altered by a user," and therefore will not contribute to the end-result of the event.
Read more at the official forum post by DERebecca.
(Battle Pay was still awarded to participants of these nodes)

Spear - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - 100.000 Créditos.png
  • Corpus - Fieldron.png x5

Tharsis - (Plantilla:Corpus Text victory)

  • Grineer - Vauban Chassis Blueprint
  • Corpus - Vauban Systems Blueprint

Martialis - (Plantilla:Corpus Text victory)

Augustus - (Plantilla:Corpus Text victory)

  • Grineer - Galio.png x3
  • Corpus - Célula Orokin.png x3

The following missions are back to normal and do count towards the event

Ultor - (Plantilla:Corpus Text victory)

  • Grineer - Forma.png Blueprint
  • Corpus - OrokinCatalyst64.png Blueprint

Arval - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory) 

  • Grineer - OrokinReactor64.png Blueprint
  • Corpus - OrokinReactor64.png Blueprint

Quirinus - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - Coil Mag Helmet Blueprint
  • Corpus - Gauss Mag Helmet Blueprint

Silvanus - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory)

  • Grineer - Inyector de Detonite.png x3
  • Corpus - Fieldron.png x3

Alator - (Plantilla:Grineer Text victory) 

  • Grineer - OrokinCatalyst64.png Blueprint
  • Corpus - OrokinCatalyst64.png Blueprint

Overall Battle Results

Nodes Controlled Numbers of Nodes
Plantilla:Grineer Text 11
Plantilla:Corpus Text 6
Battles Numbers of Battles
Plantilla:Grineer Text Victories 17
Plantilla:Corpus Text Victories 5
Total Battles 22

Commented out map as it is currently inaccurate

As of Revisión 10.5.6, Spear, Martialis, Tharsis and Augustus no longer count toward controlled nodes as a result of outside manipulation (cheating) of the event results.

End of Event Rewards (Short)

Archivo:Warframe 2013-10-25 20-03-07-80.png

Conversation with [DE]Glen stating event victory is map dominance based.

You will only receive the following rewards after the event has ended. The faction that controls the most nodes (i.e. at least 7 out of 13 nodes - as 4 aren't counted, see above) is considered the victor of the conflict.

Tier 1

  • Complete at least 5 missions total.
  • Reward determined by which faction you supported (more missions for that faction than against).
Rewards given out regardless of the victor
  • Corpus Event Badge (If you supported Plantilla:Corpus Text)
  • Grineer Event Badge (If you supported Plantilla:Grineer Text)

Tier 2

  • Complete at least 25 missions total.
  • Reward determined by the victor of the event (regardless of whether you had more missions completed for one faction or the other).

Tier 3

  • Complete at least 100 missions total.
  • Reward determined by which faction you completed more missions for than the other and the victor of the event.
    • Example: Completing 50 missions for the Grineer and 51 missions for the Corpus would earn you a Brakk blueprint (upon Grineer victory) or a pre-installed catalyst, weapon slotted Detron (upon Corpus victory).[1]

The rewards are determined by the faction that wins the war and which faction you have done most missions for.

  • IF Plantilla:Corpus Text win
    • Detron - supercharged and weapon slot (If you did most missions for Plantilla:Corpus Text)
    • Detron Blueprint (If you did most missions for Plantilla:Grineer Text)
  • IF Plantilla:Grineer Text win
    • Brakk - supercharged and weapon slot (If you did most missions for Plantilla:Grineer Text)
    • Brakk Blueprint (If you did most missions for Plantilla:Corpus Text)

End Of the Event Rewards (Long)

When both sides have exhausted themselves in this conflict you will be rewarded based on two factors: your participation and if you supported the winning side. The winning side will be determined by the dominance of the faction, for example: When the event ends, if the Grineer only succeeded in conquering 6 missions, they will still lose due to Corpus still holding 7 missions.

Tier One Rewards

Complete 5 missions, regardless of the victor. 

  • IF you supported Corpus  (more missions on their side than against) an elegant Corpus-branded event badge to show off your support for the enigmatic Corpus.

Tier Two Rewards Complete 25 missions of any side, with the reward determined by the victor.

  • IF the Corpus win: A deadly Vandal edition of the PROVA. Stun your friends in style. This weapon is super-charged and comes with a weapon slot!
  • IF the Grineer win: A Wraith edition MACHETE starving for blood. This weapon is super-charged and comes with a weapon slot!
Tier Three Rewards

Complete 100 missions, with the reward determined by two factors: the victorious side AND if you supported them (you did more missions for them, than against them).

  • IF the Corpus win:
    • And you supported them: The ferocious DETRON hand-cannon. The Detron will be super-charged along with a new weapon slot!
    • You did not support them: A DETRON blueprint, reverse-engineered by the Lotus.
  • IF the Grineer win:
    • And you supported them: The semi-automatic BRAKK hand-cannon. It comes super-charged and with a weapon slot included!
    • You did not support them: A BRAKK blueprint stolen from a Grineer datacenter.

Leaderboard position is based on the sum total of which faction your Clan is supporting.

  • The top three Clans in each tier will receive a Faction-specific trophy in Gold, Silver and Bronze form based on their position on the leaderboards for which faction they support.
  • Your clan's score requires a commitment: each member's faction rating will erode the clan's opposing faction's rating. If one member does 100 Corpus missions and another does 100 Grineer missions, they will cancel each other out and your standing will be zero with both. Coordinate.....

Dialogues During Missions

When Supporting Plantilla:Grineer Text (Missions)

General Sargas Ruk's Speech

Speech 1: Rraahudd Tenno! Now we fight together! Now we crush the greedy milk from their skulls. The Corpus will pay for their crimes with their useless lives. Archivo:SargasSpeech1.ogg

Speech 2: You shoot well. You cut well. You serve me well, Tenno. Archivo:SargasSpeech2.ogg

Speech 3: Tenno, of course you side with us. Of course the Grineer are your best option. We share your joy in Corpus death. Archivo:SargasSpeech3.ogg

Alad V's Taunt

Taunt 1: So, the betrayers are fighting for the dogs now? Why am I not surprised? The sooner my Proyecto Zanuka is completed, the better. The system must be ridden of your hypocrisy. Archivo:AladVTaunt1.ogg

Taunt 2: What's that test tube dog giving you to fight for him? Whatever it is, I'll double it! Archivo:AladVTaunt2.ogg

Taunt 3: Why, Tenno, what an intriguing Warframe you have. I look forward to adding it to my inventory. Archivo:AladVTaunt3.ogg

Taunt 4: Do you really think you're saving your comrades by supporting the dogs? What do you think happens if you allow Sargas to win? Do you think you'll be safe when you're all his slaves? Archivo:AladVTaunt4.ogg

Lotus' Intro

Intro 1: Make sure the Grineer win this battle, leave no Corpus functioning. Archivo:LotusIntroGrin3.ogg

Intro 2: You have chosen to support the Grineer in this fight. Eliminate all Corpus. Archivo:LotusIntroGrin2.ogg

Intro 3: You are fighting alongside the Grineer in this mission. Destroy all Corpus. Archivo:LotusIntroGrin1.ogg

When Supporting Plantilla:Corpus Text (Missions)

Alad V's Speech

Speech 1: Tenno, you know, we may not always see eye to eye... well, you don't have eyes, but I'm pleased to see we've found common ground in our fight with these Grineer dogs. Archivo:AladVSpeech1.ogg

Speech 2: Hmm, yes, you've made the smart choice, Tenno. When the dogs fall, there will be profit for all of us. Archivo:AladVSpeech2.ogg

Speech 3: You and I are not so different, Tenno. We both know those dogs need to be put down, yes... I sense we are at the beginning of a beautiful new partnership. Archivo:AladVSpeech3.ogg

Speech 4: Tenno, this was the only rational choice. And please don't worry about your friends. I have grand plans for them. Archivo:AladVSpeech4.ogg

Speech 5: So, we agree. The Grineer are too powerful, too arrogant. They must be put in their place. I'm glad you won't let our... differences get in the way of our... common interests... yes. Archivo:AladVSpeech5.ogg

Speech 6: Nobody wants to be a slave. You understand that. These dogs aren't our masters. We won't follow their orders any longer! Archivo:AladVSpeech6.ogg

General Sargas Ruk's Taunt

Taunt 1: Rraaahudd Tenno! So willing to sacrifice your own. So willing to help these greedy worms. So willing to die for worthless cause. Archivo:SargasTaunt1.ogg

Taunt 2: Aattenthoun Tenno: It's not too late to change sides. Not too late to reject the Corpus lies. Not too late to save your kind.  Archivo:SargasTaunt2.ogg

Taunt 3: Tenno, Alad will betray you. Alad will defile your kind. Alad will bleed from his selfish eyes as I crush him with your metal corpse. Archivo:SargasTaunt3.ogg

Lotus' Intro

Intro 1: You are fighting with the Corpus in this battle. No Grineer can be left alive. Archivo:LotusIntroCorp1.ogg

Intro 2: The situation forces you to help the Corpus in this mission. Kill all Grineer. Archivo:LotusIntroCorp2.ogg

Intro 3: Your sense of duty compels you to help the Corpus today. Destroy all Grineer forces. Archivo:LotusIntroCorp3.ogg

Codex Entries

Gravidus Dilema:

We have a situation developing. Alad V and his Corpus troops were on the verge of capturing a long lost group of Tenno still locked in cryo stasis. Things escalated quickly when Sargus Ruk of the Grineer discovered the plan and demanded the frames for himself. Alad V refused and so Ruk ordered his territory confiscated. Fighting broke out a short time ago. At this point either side can win and only we could tip the balance.

Tenno, I can not in good conscience tell you who to support in this conflict. If you choose to support Sargus Ruk, you can save the sleeping Tenno but the Grineer will grow even stronger. Fight for the Corpus and weaken Grineer supremacy but our comrades fall to the mercy of Alad V.

Gravidus Decided:

I have intercepted a message from the Corpus board to Alad V. They have grown tired of bankrolling Alad V's war effort and have withdrawn their funding. This has left Alad with no other option than retreat. Sargas Ruk is already readying his victory speech. This battle is over.
You have all done well. Those of you who supported the Grineer have given me the time I needed to locate our sleeping comrades. A recovery team is already travelling to retrieve their cryopods. Those that supported The Corpus have slowed Grineer aggression. Though the Grineer ultimately emerged victorious, they did so at great cost.

The time for partnerships with these warlords has ended. We are no longer forced to support them in their petty conflicts. We must return to our stated goal of bringing balance to the solar system.

Dialogue on the forums

Sargas Ruk and Alad V have created accounts on the Warframe forums. They only seem to insult each other and get their threads locked but they are indeed account controlled by the developers that may reveal parts of the lore.

Alad V:

A Chance To Make it Right: Thread

Sargas Ruk:

Alad V The Coward & Grineer Dominance: Thread


Alad V: Sargas, your helmet will fetch a fair price although I fear it is riddled with fleas. My pet is also hungry for a new toy, and your Rollers are a perfect choice. Be wise with your words, Ruk.

Sargas Ruk: HA!HA!HA! My Rollers can take out not only your 'pet', but your pathetic MOA army. We are bred for victory, while you exist to be defeated and crushed by the Grineer!

Alad V: I will display Trophies made from melted Rollers when we're done with you. Your army is barely worth my time, it will cost more to kill you than you're worth.

Sargas Ruk: Oh Alad, I couldn't hear you over the thousands of MOAs that just met their doom by brute Grineer Force. Crushed. Scrapped. Cutting costs by manufacturing with paper? HA!

Alad V: I could use some scrap metal for the floors of my Gas City; at least it would come cheap. You're stumbling on thin glass Ruk, take your cowardly men back to your pile of sand.

Sargas Ruk: The cowardly man is the one who buys his armies, not breeds them. I've crushed more skulls with my bare hands than Credits in your bank, and your skull is next.

Alad V: You under estimate my Credits in the bank then. As you know, my Gas City is growing bigger than your little planets of sand. I will obtain the Tenno cryopods and you will not stop me. Any attempt will end in your little army begging for my mercy. I'm surprised you can communicate beyond Grunting honestly.

Sargas Ruk: HA! You should be surprised I can do anything but LAUGH at your weakness. Grineer dominance will thrive, all will be subject to the rule of force, pain, and bow to the Grineer! No amount of Credits in the world can save you from a Grineer Soldier!

Alad V: Grunt and foam at the mouth all you want, this will end with you taking a dirt nap like the dog you are.

Sargas Ruk: THIS MEANS WAR, ALAD! Good luck talking without a lower jaw!


  • Players can be benefited with protection by the sided faction they preferred against Stalker attacks, which happen much more often during this event.
  • Preferred enemies in these missions will have a tendency to spawn erratically in large groups, as if taking your allies to a crowd vs. crowd a major factor in the rest of the event.
  • Since Grineer currently have a sizable lead on the Corpus (as of 10/25/13), it is expected that people were more likely to join the already winning Grineer rather than the currently losing Corpus in order to get the best reward.
  • Spear, Martialis, Augustus and Tharsis no longer count as of Revisión 10.5.6 as a result of outside manipulation of the event results. After the battles on the mentioned nodes didn't progress in any way, DE suspected a bug/glitch in the event and investigated. They discovered the 'bug' was in fact caused by manipulation from a player, and removed the nodes from the results. It is currently unknown if the player(s) responsible for the 'hacking' have been found/banned. It is interesting to note that of the four nodes, three had been decided as Corpus victories.


  • The event is named after the first mission affected, Gradivus, the mission separating Tierra and Marte.
  • Previously, there was a bug (most noticeably from siding with the Corpus on Ultor and receiving the Vauban Helmet blueprint) where the thumbnail icon for the reward would not be shown, instead showing a placeholder 512x512 icon. This has since been patched as of Revisión 10.5.3.
  • It used to be possible to receive battle pay from both sides as long as you have the minimum 5/5 complete for each (e.g. do 10 missions for the Corpus then 5 missions for the Grineer, thereby gaining both rewards). This has since been patched.
  • Strangely, if sided with the Grineer, players can still hear them taunting out "Tenno" in battle despite that the Grineer are fighting against the Corpus.
  • Out of all the Invasion missions, Spear took the longest to resolve. 
  • The battles that took place on Infested missions completely removed them from that mission, replaced by the winning faction that fought there. This made Mars the first Grineer/Corpus-controlled planet. This may change in the future however.
  • War was the only area in Mars that was not included to the Dilemma, though this might have been necessary, as El Sargento Nef Anyo is located in this mission and rewards Mag components.
  • On October 28th, Martialis was chosen again for invasion, and full Investigación of the Ignis or Rifle de flujo was available. Choosing the winning side of the battle meant completely unlocking them for your clan (if you were in one).
  • Las caídas de recursos en las áreas disputadas se cambiaron inexplicablemente a la tabla de caídas en el Vacío (Placas de aleaciónGalioRubedo y Módulos de control).
  • Throughout the event is only when General Sargas Ruk is seen on mission start-ups without his power cores attached on his armor.

Event Leaderboards

Source for leaderboards.

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