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Ofrenda apasionada del Vacío
Give unto The Vacío a generous offering of 100.000 créditos.
—Descripción dentro del juego

Passionate Void Offering is a Herramienta item used in Operación: Falso beneficio to donate créditos to Nef Anyo. If the offering is successfully hacked fraudulently, the offering will be returned to the player to its full amount along with a certain bonus percentage, depending on the level of the hacked Bursa up to 50%.

Requisitos de fabricación
Paquete de polímero

Tiempo: 1 min
Acelerar: 1 Platinum64
Precio del MarketIcon: 100.000 Credits64 Precio del Blueprint2 Plano: 2.000 Credits64

This item is not reusable once crafted and can be sold for 100‍Credits64 per charge, or 1,000‍Credits64 per blueprint.


The Passionate Void Offering could be purchased for 100,000‍Credits64 from the Mercado, found under Equipamiento, subsection Gear. However, it was discontinued after the event officially ended.

  • Void Offerings were mistakenly released prior to the event as reusable planos, rather than individual charges. Though these are noticeably more costly, players who purchased these planos can continue to craft charges despite the event's conclusion.


Offerings are equipped from the 'Gear' section of your Arsenal. You may equip separate offerings which can be stacked, up to 111,000‍Credits64. Additionally, each member of the Escuadrón may also bring their own offerings.

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