H A B I L I D A D    P A S I V A:     Adaptive Mutatio
Si Nidus muere con al menos 15 acumulaciones de mutación, estas se consumen, otorgando 5 segundos de invulnerabilidad y restaurando la salud al 50%.


La infestación que habita dentro de Nidus muta rápidamente cuando se usa contra sus enemigos, alimentando sus habilidades y produciendo varios beneficios simbióticos. Nidus posee varias mecánicas pasivas resaltadas en las pestañas a continuación:

Indicador de Mutación

Indicador de mutación a 100 acumulaciones.

Las Acumulaciones de mutación son un recurso exclusivo de Nidus, indicado por el contador y el indicador de mutaciones que se muestra en la esquina inferior derecha del HUD, encima de los iconos de habilidades.

  • The gauge is divided into five sections which represent the number of hits dealt to enemies via Nidus' abilities. The counter at the center of the gauge keeps track of the number of Mutation stacks.
  • Upon hitting one or more enemies via Virulencia or Voracidad, depending on the number of hits the sections of the gauge will light up clockwise. After a total of 5 hits, the gauge finishes a complete cycle and the sections become unlit again, while the counter increases by 1 Mutation stack.
    • Abilities are not required to deal damage to enemies, only scoring hits is needed to increase Mutation stacks.
    • Mutation stacks are stored until used by the player. Stacks will not disappear in the event of a host migration.
    • Ability-nullifying enemies such as Tripulante Anulador will drain 1 Mutation stack every 2 seconds, ramping up the drain rate the longer Nidus remains in their radius.
    • Up to a maximum of 100 stacks can be stored. Each stack causes the gauge to gradually appear more infested. Upon reaching 100 stacks, the counter is hidden and the gauge is overlapped by Virulencia's ability icon colored in red and black.
    • Enlace parasitario costs 1 stack to activate instead of using energy.
    • Voracidad costs 3 stacks to activate instead of using energy.
  • Nidus' appearance changes as more stacks are collected:
    • At 3 stacks, tendrils will protrude from his neck and upper spine, while the carapace around his ribs will open.
    • At 5 and 7 stacks respectively, the carapace around his thighs and arms will open to reveal more infested flesh and tendrils beneath.
    • At 10 stacks, certain sections of his currently-equipped helmet will open up, and many more tendrils will be exposed.
    • When stacks fall below the required triggers, Nidus' appearance will revert to the appropriate stage.

Si Nidus sufre daños fatales con al menos 15 Acumulaciones de mutación, esas 15 acumulaciones se consumen, lo que le otorga 5 segundos de invulnerabilidad y restaura el 50% de su salud.

  • A UI banner displaying "Undying" and an invulnerability timer will appear at the top-center of the screen while this passive is activated. The required amount of Mutation stacks will be visibly subtracted from the counter and gauge.
  • If Nidus has less than 15 Mutation stacks, all stacks will be consumed without benefit if he is incapacitated or killed.

A diferencia de la mayoría de los cuadros, cuando Nidus sube de rango, recibe un conjunto especial de bonificaciones de rango que se indican en la esquina superior izquierda de la pantalla de Actualización de Warframe:

  • +10% / +20% / +30% / +40% / +50% Armadura (at ranks 3 / 9 / 15 / 21 / 27, respectively)
  • 5 / 7 / 9 / 11 / 13 Salud regen per second (at ranks 1 / 7 / 13 / 19 / 25, respectively)
  • +3% / +6% / +9% / +12% / +15% fuerza de habilidades (at ranks 4 / 10 / 16 / 22 / 28, respectively)

Virulencia VirulenciaIcono
Quiebra el suelo con un crecimiento de hongos perjudiciales que roban la energía de cada enemigo que golpea. Por cada cinco enemigos golpeados, la infestación se muta, multiplicando su fuerza destructiva.
Fuerza:150 / 160 / 175 / 200 (damage)
Rango:10 / 11 / 13 / 16 m
Misc:10 (energy refund per hit)

  • Nidus ruptures the ground to unleash a linear growth of fungal infestation 10 / 11 / 13 / 16 meters long and 4 meters wide toward the targeted location. Enemies struck by fungal growth are staggered, dealt 150 / 160 / 175 / 200 base damage amplified by the number of Mutation stacks accumulated, as well as refunding 10 energy to Nidus for each enemy hit.
  • While Nidus is connected to a target via Enlace parasitario, using Virulence will spawn a second instance from the linked target that grows toward the targeted location, converging with the first instance from Nidus.
  • Maggots from Voracidad can be manually detonated when impaled by Virulence's fungal growth, exploding for damage and contributing to the Mutation gauge per enemy hit.
  • Holding the ability key (default 1 ) displays a rectangular range indicator on the horizontal plane in front of Nidus. Releasing the key casts Virulence. Range indicator is affected by the chosen energy color.
    • Player can move the aiming reticle while holding down the button to aim Virulence at the desired direction.
    • While held, the player can still perform other actions such as moving, jumping, firing weapons, and casting other abilities. Releasing the key while in midair will exit range indicator mode without casting Virulence.
    • While connected via Enlace parasitario, a second range indicator visible to Nidus only will also appear around the linked target.
    • While held, Maggots from Voracidad will be marked on the HUD, allowing increased visibility for selective detonation using Virulence.
  • Virulence will cast toward the targeted location regardless of Nidus' orientation.
  • Cannot be cast while in the air.
  • Cannot be recast until the fungal growth's maximum length is reached or until it cannot spawn any further due to obstruction. Therefore, Talento natural and Derivación rápida only affect the speed of Nidus' stomping animation.
  • Fungal growth's infestation does not spawn up or down high terrain elevations, but do flow up and down stairs and ramps.

Artículo principal: Insaciable

Insaciable es un mod de aumento de warframe para Voracidad de Nidus que grants him a chance to generate an additional Mutation stack when gaining one while standing on the spawning grounds.


  • Can stagger enemies to help keep them in place for recasts.
  • Can completely refund its cost when it hits at least 4 targets. 5 or more targets allow Nidus to earn extra energy.
    • Due to the refund per hit always being kept at 1/4th the ability's cost, negative efficiency can be used to gain more energy over 4 hits at the cost of a higher initial cast cost.
  • Collect Mutation stacks to amplify Virulence's damage drastically over the course of a mission.
  • Hold 1  to line up Virulence on groups of enemies before releasing to cast. This is an efficient method to gather extra energy and collect hits for stacks. Jump and release 1  to toggle off the range indicator without casting the ability.
  • Use Larva to gather enemies in one spot, then unleash Virulence to optimize damage and stack collection.
  • Casting Virulence while Enlace parasitario is active allows both Nidus and the linked target to create a line of fungal growths from your positions toward where you aim. This allows Nidus to effectively extend his reach on Virulence, and collect double hits for stacks if both lines hit the same enemies. Hold the 1  to help determine where you and your linked targets' lines will spawn.
  • Can detonate Maggots spawned from Voracidad by you and any Nidus players in your squad. Hits from both the fungal growth and maggot explosion each count toward the Mutation gauge. Blow up anyone's Maggots to help you and your brethren gather more stacks quickly!
  • If the fungal growth cannot spawn any further because of obstruction, you can immediately recast Virulence.

Maximización es una forma de especialización: los mods pueden combinarse para dar como resultado valores que varían entre los límites superiores enumerados aquí. Haga clic en cualquier enlace maximizado para aprender cómo construirlo.


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Larva(Habilidad) Larva(Habilidad)Icono
Larva (Habilidad)
Engendra una vaina infestada que erupciona con tentáculos que se pegan a los enemigos cercanos y los arrastra hacia adentro.
Duración:4 / 5 / 6 / 7 s
Rango:8 / 9 / 10 / 12 m

  • Nidus ejects an infested larva toward the targeted location over unrestricted range. Upon impact, the larva rapidly matures into a floating mass of infested tentacles that sprouts tendrils to grab all enemies within a radius of 8 / 9 / 10 / 12 meters. Affected enemies are forcibly ragdolled and pulled into the mass, becoming unable to move or attack while grotesquely meshing together within the writhing whirlpool of flesh. Larva will wither away when it has no enemies to grip, is cast when no enemies are in range, or after 4 / 5 / 6 / 7 seconds have elapsed.
    • Target acquisition radius is affected by rango de habilidades.
    • Duration is affected by Duración de habilidades.
    • Enemies must be within range and line-of-sight of the larva to be pulled in. Larva will only grab enemies when it spawns.
    • Grabbed enemies can still take damage from normal sources.
    • Affects both ground and flying enemies.
  • Enemies gripped by tendrils will float helplessly and rotate around the Larva, similar to Vórtice y Tormenta de arena. Dealing damage or killing enemies in this mass can cause other affected enemies to bounce outward, swing wildly in an orbit, then be pulled back in.
  • If enemies cannot be ragdolled by Larva after being attached to tendrils, they will be released after 3 seconds.
  • Enemies latched onto by its tendrils visually appear to be covered in infestation, while robotic targets appear encrusted in rust.
  • Larva is a Acción con una mano and can be cast while in midair.
  • Cannot be recast while active.

Estallido de larva
Artículo principal: Estallido de larva

{{#lsth:Estallido de larva|Stats}}

  • Combine with Virulencia to deal high damage to multiple enemies and earn Mutation stacks quickly.
  • Weapons and abilities with splash damage and/or Atravesar are recommended to quickly dispatch enemies stuck in Larva due to their constant involuntary movement.
  • When Larva expires, enemies will drop to the ground and begin to recover from their ragdoll state. Recast Larva to immediately disable them again.
  • Combine with Voracidad to group up enemies for your Maggots to feast and explode on.
  • Maggots underneath or attached to enemies in this infested mass will hit all enemies when they are detonated by Virulencia, dealing high damage and collecting hits for stacks very quickly as each explosion counts as 1 hit to all enemies in its splash radius.
  • Enemies linked to Sanadores Antiguo are immune to the ragdoll and pull effects and are not disabled, but will remain attached to tendrils showing their positions.
  • Larva can pull enemies affected by Void Pulse, and it will attatch to enemies affected by Bastilla, however it will not pull them.

Maximización es una forma de especialización: los mods pueden combinarse para dar como resultado valores que varían entre los límites superiores enumerados aquí. Haga clic en cualquier enlace maximizado para aprender cómo construirlo.


  • As client, enemies recovering from ragdoll state, knockdown or performing a special attack animation become immune to the ragdoll and pull effects from Larva. As host, regardless of state, recovering enemies will be pulled and trapped by Larva.

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Enlace parasitario Enlace parasitario simbolo
Enlace parasitario
Vincula un objetivo con un enlace parasitario. Para los aliados, tanto el anfitrión como Nidus provocan más daño. Los enemigos vinculados sufren el daño inflingido a Nidus.

Mutation Stacks Cost: 1

Fuerza:10% / 15% / 20% / 25% (strength bonus)
20% / 30% / 40% / 50% (damage redirection)
Duración:30 / 35 / 45 / 60 s
Rango:24 / 28 / 34 / 40 m (ally link)
10 / 13 / 16 / 20 m (enemy link)

  • Nidus expends a single Mutation stack to perform symbiosis with a targeted ally Warframe within 24 / 28 / 34 / 40 meters or parasitically link with a targeted enemy within 10 / 13 / 16 / 20 meters. The link persists as long as Nidus and his target remain in range of each other, lasting for 30 / 35 / 45 / 60 seconds or when manually deactivated by pressing the ability key again (default 3 ).
    • Ally and enemy range are affected by rango de habilidades.
    • Duration is affected by duración de habilidades.
    • Parasitic Link does not require line-of-sight to maintain connection between Nidus and his target.
    • If the target dies during cast before the link is attached, the single Mutation stack used for Parasitic Link will be refunded.
  • When linked with an ally Warframe, Nidus and his target both receive a 10% / 15% / 20% / 25% fuerza de habilidades bonus. When linked with an enemy, the target is completely disabled for the duration while Nidus transfers 20% / 30% / 40% / 50% damage received to the target instead; all knockdown, stagger, and negative status effects are also transferred from Nidus to the enemy target.
  • While linked to a target, using Virulencia will spawn a second instance from the linked target that grows toward the targeted location, converging with the first instance from Nidus.
  • Parasitic Link is a Acción con una mano and can be cast while in midair.
  • Nidus and the target are visibly covered in infestation and connected via a tether of biochemical energy, which is affected by the chosen Warframe energy color.
  • Cannot link to a target already affected by Parasitic Link. Multiple Nidus players cannot link to the same target, nor to each other while their own Parasitic Link ability is active.
  • When connected to another Nidus player, both players will use the fuerza de habilidades bonus from the casting player; the link will break if the partner activates Parasitic Link on a different target.

  • Link with a nearby teammate or enemy for Virulencia to create two lines from Nidus and the linked target. This effectively extends Virulencia's reach, doubles its damage output, staggers enemies in its paths, collects more hits for stacks, and earns extra energy for the cost of one cast.
    • Linking with a teammate creates a mobile casting point that can relocate quickly to find new enemies.
    • Linking with an enemy provides a stationary casting point that allows you move around to adjust Virulencia's travel direction and length.
    • Use Virulencia's range indicator by holding 1  to determine the number of targets both lines will hit before releasing the button to cast.
  • Teammates with Warframes that possess high ability damage and fuerza de habilidades-based effects are prime candidates for Parasitic Link.
  • Enemies with high health and armor values such as Artillero Pesados can absorb a large amount of damage transferred from Nidus.
  • As long as Nidus and his target are in range of each other, Parasitic Link's biochemical tether will help you visually track your positions.
  • Before reviving a downed teammate, link with a nearby enemy to protect yourself from taking too much damage.
  • Linking with an enemy caught by Larva causes it to become immune to damage from outside sources, which may hinder your crowd control ability because Larva will go through its full duration before you can recast it. Press 3  to manually deactivate the link, allowing you and your allies to kill the enemy to end Larva early for recast.
    • This immunity to damage can be beneficial for racking up the melee combo counter. Simply attack the target as many time as possible. Combine with combo mods like Acometida de sangre for best results.
  • Maggots from Voracidad will ignore your linked enemy target. However, maggot explosions will still count as hits for the Mutation gauge even when they cannot damage the target. When you cast Parasitic Link on an enemy with maggots attached, the maggots will detach once the link is established.
  • Parasitic Link can be cast on the Juggernaut, and though it will not immobilize the Juggernaut it will still transfer damage to it, bypassing the Juggernaut's normally-impenetrable armor.

Maximización es una forma de especialización: los mods pueden combinarse para dar como resultado valores que varían entre los límites superiores enumerados aquí. Haga clic en cualquier enlace maximizado para aprender cómo construirlo.


Voracidad VoracidadIcono
Unas larvas glotonas atacan a enemigos cercanos, devorándolos hasta ser alcanzados por Virulencia, explotando con infestación. Las larvas se benefician de la mutación y cada enemigo consumido se añade al total de acumulaciones de mutación.

Mutation Stacks Cost: 3

Fuerza:100 / 110 / 125 / 150 (Larva rupture)
10 / 13 / 16 / 20 (health regen per sec)
Duración:25 / 30 / 35 / 40 s
Rango:4 m (explosion radius)
Misc:8 m (ability diameter)

  • Nidus converts three Mutation stacks into ravenous Infestation, which spreads outward from Nidus and across the surrounding landscape to create spawning grounds with a diameter of 8 meters, lingering for 25 / 30 / 35 / 40 seconds. Nidus and his allies will gain 10 / 13 / 16 / 20 health regen per second when inside the spawning grounds.
    • Health regen per second is affected by fuerza de habilidades.
    • Diameter is not affected by rango de habilidades.
    • Duration is affected by Duración de habilidades.
    • Ravenous health regeneration is visible to players as a buff icon indicating the health regen rate, beside the shield and health indicators on the HUD.
    • Health regeneration affects ally Warframes, ability-summoned units, Compañeros, Espectros, Rescate hostages, Sindicato operatives, Incursión defense operatives, and Invasión allied faction units.
    • Health regen buff area is an invisible cylinder, allowing eligible targets to retain the buff within at most 8 meters above the spawning grounds.
  • Infested cysts catly form on the spawning grounds, hatching up to 9 Maggots that seek out nearby enemies to feast upon. Once enemies are detected, Maggots frenzy with increased movement speed and leap toward their prey to latch onto them. While attached to an enemy, each Maggot will continuously stun its target and inflict ? base damage amplified by the number of Mutation stacks accumulated, per second until the target dies or Maggot expires.
    • Number of active Maggots is not affected by fuerza de habilidades.
    • Multiple Maggots can attach to the same enemy target at one time.
  • When detonated by Virulencia, when their hosts die, when killed, or when Ravenous duration expires, Maggots explode to deal 100 / 110 / 125 / 150 base damage amplified by the number of Mutation stacks accumulated, to all enemies within a 4 meter radius.
    • Explosion base damage is affected by fuerza de habilidades.
    • Explosion radius is affected by rango de habilidades.
    • Enemies hit by Maggot explosions contribute to the Mutation gauge. Hit scoring varies depending on the below factors:
      • Each enemy caught in a Maggot explosion counts as 1 hit per enemy.
      • When a maggot host is killed by other sources and maggot bites, the host itself is not an eligible target and will not count towards Mutation.
      • When a maggot host is hit or killed by Virulencia, the host itself is an eligible target and will count as 2 hits, one from Virulencia and the other from the explosion of a single Maggot that was attached.
      • If multiple Maggots were attached to the same host, each Maggot explosion will score 1 hit on the host.
    • Maggot explosion total damage uses the following expression when accounting for fuerza de habilidades and Mutation stacks: Amplified Damage = Base Damage × (1 + fuerza de habilidades) × (1 + Number of Stacks After Cost)
      • With a maxed Intensificar, 15% fuerza de habilidades rank bonus, and 97 stacks after casting Ravenous, rank-3 Ravenous' maggot explosion total damage will be increased to 150 × (1 + 15% + 30%) × (1 + 97) = 21,266 damage (decimals are rounded down to the nearest whole number during calculations).
      • Due to the total damage calculation accounting for Mutation stacks after the cost of Ravenous, it is not possible to reach amplified damage results above 97 Mutation stacks.
    • Maggot explosion total damage is calculated and predetermined when Ravenous is cast. Total damage will not be recalculated if any changes in fuerza de habilidades and Mutation stacks occur while Ravenous is active.
    • Recasting Ravenous by creating a new instance will recalculate total damage, while recasting to refresh the current instance's duration will not recalculate total damage (see below for recasting details).
  • Maggots and spawning grounds possess unique properties as independent entities from Nidus:

  • Maggots possess base health of 1000, AI level, and draw enemy aggro.
  • When Maggots cannot attach to enemies, they will instead bite or seek other enemies to latch onto.
  • Maggot lifespan is tied to the duration of the ability, during which they will actively seek out enemies or wander in or away from the spawning grounds.
  • Maggots will automatically explode for damage when killed, when Ravenous duration expires, when their hosts die or when detonated by Virulencia.
  • On death, Maggots respawn from cysts throughout the duration of Ravenous, up to the maximum number of active Maggots.
  • Maggots will not attach to small enemies such as Madre de la progenie's Maggots and Bufón Kuvas.
  • Maggot uses a custom model to differentiate from the Madre de la progenie's Larvas. Maggots belonging to Nidus are affected by his chosen Warframe abilities color.

  • Spawning grounds is created at the location where Nidus initiates the casting animation.
  • Spawning grounds' infestation does not expand up or down high terrain elevations, but do flow up and down stairs and ramps.
  • Within the spawning grounds, various unique models will spawn for visual representation only. Players and AI can path through them unhindered.
    • Textures on the ground are blended with an infestation mesh.
    • Three infested nests erupt on the outskirts of the infestation positioned in triangular vertices. Nests glow, pulsate and emit spore particles, which are affected by the chosen energy color.
      • Nests also serve to maintain the Infestation. If a Tripulante Anulador's null sphere comes in contact with a nest, it will dissipate; when all three infested nests are dissipated, Ravenous will expire automatically.
    • Numerous patches of infested flora resembling tall grass encompass the ground, rustling when brushed past by players and AI while glowing in the chosen energy color.
    • Several infested branches sprout from the infestation to attach to nearby walls and objects in vertical and diagonal axis. Branches glow in the chosen energy color.

  • Can be recast while active.
    • Only one instance can be active at a time.
    • Recasting Ravenous while inside the older instance will refresh duration without relocating the spawning grounds.
    • Recasting Ravenous away from an active spawning ground creates a new instance at the new location while removing the older instance.

Maximización es una forma de especialización: los mods pueden combinarse para dar como resultado valores que varían entre los límites superiores enumerados aquí. Haga clic en cualquier enlace maximizado para aprender cómo construirlo.


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