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Mudar(H) Mudar(S)
Mudando de piel como una serpiente, Saryn deja un señuelo atrás para atraer el fuego enemigo.
Fuerza:150 / 300 / 400 / 500 (health)
240 / 300 / 350 / 400 (explosion damage)
Duración:14 / 24 / 32 / 40 s
Rango:5 / 6 / 7 / 10 m

  • Saryn sheds her skin, removing all existing efecto de estados and leaving behind a decoy that draws enemy fire. With 400 escudos and 150 / 300 / 400 / 500 health, the decoy will last for a maximum of 14 / 24 / 32 / 40 seconds. The decoy will explode if it loses all of its hitpoints or if its duration expires, inflicting 240 / 300 / 350 / 400 damage with a 100% status chance within a radius of 5 / 6 / 7 / 10 meters.
  • Molt is placed at Saryn's current position, mirroring her pose and elevation; however for clients, Molt will sometimes be in a default standing position.
  • Molt's escudos regenerate over time and can be buffed with the use of allied Halieto Protector, whether in Espectro or Control mental led forms.
  • Saryn's abilities mutate for bonus effects when used in tandem:

  • Multiple instances of Spores can be cast on Molt. Spores' damage will not damage Molt.
  • When cast on Molt, Spores energy cost is reduced by 50%.
  • When Molt explodes, all spores will burst simultaneously and infect enemies within the spread radius. Molt's explosion can also detonate spores on nearby infected enemies.

  • Miasma will detonate Molt if its within range, and Molt's explosion will occur before Miasma's first instance of damage. Miasma's damage will be increased depending on the percentage of Molt's lost hitpoints when detonated and depending on Fuerza de habilidades.
  • Miasma deals an additional 100% damage to enemies affected by efecto de estados including those produced by Molt.

  • Elemental augment mods, such as Ember's Frenesí de bola de fuego, can be applied to Molt. The damage augment will not affect the explosion damage or damage type upon Molt's expiration.
  • Molt cannot be knocked down or moved and acts as a physical object, unlike Loki's Señuelo.
  • Molt will slowly vaporize and dissipate for its duration, eventually exploding once it nearly vanishes.
  • Can be cast in all states (except while upside down in a flip jump or while dodging) and can be reused instantly.
  • Does not have a cast time or animation.

Muda regenerativa
Artículo principal: Muda regenerativa

Muda regenerativa es un mod de aumento de warframe para Saryn icono Saryn que le permite recuperar aumentar su regeneración de vida durante unos segundos luego de lanzar Mudar(S) Mudar. {{#lsth:Muda regenerativa|Stats}}

  • Using during a well timed jump can result it being low enough for enemies to target, such as Infested or Melee units, but be more protected from most melee attacks. (Ancients will still be able to reach, as well as the knockback damage from Leapers).
  • Place Molt in locations which can protect it from enemy attacks to maximize its survival.
  • If Molt is closer to the enemy than you are, enemies will (normally) focus on Molt rather than yourself. applies to the caster as well as other players(except Nyx in Absorb or Rhino in Iron Skin).
  • It can be used as protection from enemy fire, when you revive an downed teammate.

Maximización es una forma de especialización: los mods pueden ser mezclados para dar lugar a valores que varían entre los límites de gama alta listados aquí. Haga clic en cualquier enlace de maximización para aprender cómo construirla.

  • When knocked back by an Sanador Antiguo, the physical target of the decoy will move, but the model remains in place. This can be seen while having Sensor enemigo and Radar enemigo equipped while seeing the decoy (as a friendly blip) against a group of infested.

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