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Un mod de Artax.

Riven Mods are special mods that can feature up to four different stats, sometimes disadvantageous. Riven mods are unique in that their stats are heavily randomized, allowing for a significant variance in mod effectiveness, and because the type of Riven mod acquired is kept hidden from the player until they complete an assigned challenge for the mod. Riven mods are also exclusive to certain individual weapons, with each mod having only a single weapon associated with them. Currently, Riven mods are limited to Shotguns, Secondary weapons, Assault Rifles, Bows, Launchers, Sniper Rifles, y armas Melé, as well as any Centinela weapons that fall in the aforementioned categories.

A single Riven Mod is given to players upon completion of La guerra interna quest, and additional Riven Mods can be acquired as rewards from Sorties.

Upgrade and Trading Credit costs of Riven mods are equivalent to those of Rare mods.



Un mod velado.


When a player receives a Riven Mod, the nature of the mod itself is hidden from the player, a state referred to as being Veiled. In order to unlock the mod's type and effect, players must complete a challenge associated with that mod, for example, killing a certain number of enemies without being afflicted by Status Effects. In order for the challenge to be registered, the Riven mod must be equipped on a weapon that the player will be carrying into a mission. Riven mods that have not been unlocked will consume no mod capacity when equipped on a weapon, but will not confer any bonuses either. While Riven mods must be equipped on the weapon it is assigned to (e.g. Pistol Riven Mods can only be equipped on secondaries), it is possible to complete the challenges using any weapon or Warframe ability.

If a player manages to complete the challenge, the Riven mod's type and stats will be revealed after leaving the mission, regardless of whether the mission is successfully completed, aborted, or failed.

The challenge difficulty depends on the mastery rank of the mod; e.g. a Rank 8 Riven mod will have a lower difficulty than a Rank 12.

Ver lista de Riven Challenges
Challenge Notes
Kill [50-70] enemies.
  • Many different modifiers include having a Dragon Key, not using consumables, not taking damage, not raising any alarms, and not being detected.
  • One of the modifiers includes killing enemies with headshots.
  • One of the modifiers includes not being effected by a Status Effect. Status Effects can be avoided with Rhino's Piel de hierro, Nezha's Halo guardián, Titania's Encantamiento, or Oberon's Hallowed Ground.
  • One of the modifiers requires that you kill the enemies within one day, otherwise the counter is reset
Kill [15-20] enemies with headshots.
  • One of the modifiers may include having to do so whilst aim-gliding. The ground vents on Jupiter will help to prolong aim glide time. Zephyr is highly recommended, but it is possible to do without her.
  • Additional modifiers may include not being disrupted, having to do so whilst sliding, and having to do so while undetected. Ivara's Prowl can aid in scoring headshots undetected, as well as raising their damage.
Kill [10-16] enemies while sliding.
  • Additional modifiers include not being detected, being invisible, without taking damage, failing a mission, or even raising the alarms.
Get the killing blow on [2-12] Sentients.
  • When your Centinela or Operador makes the last hit, it will not count towards the challenge.
  • Additional modifiers include having to equip a Dragon Key, killing the Sentients while invisible, while sliding, while alone, without dying/getting downed, without an ally getting downed, without getting afflicted by a status effect, doing it in 1 day, and taking no damage.
Find [2-4] Caches.
  • There is currently a bugged modifier of having to not raise the alarms, as completing the Sabotage objective will raise an alarm. Aborting the mission after finding a cache will still count towards the challenge however.
  • Additional modifiers include having an active pet, not dying/getting downed, or not taking damage.
Synthesize a Simaris target without using traps or abilities while having a Hobbled Dragon Key equipped.
  • The Hobbled Dragon Key only affects running and sprinting speed, and does not affect sliding or parkour. Nezha's passive allows him to slide faster than he would move while running.
  • Simaris targets are vulnerable to knockdown effects, including ground slams.
  • Activating Ivara's Prowl before the target spawns (such as at the start of the mission) and keeping it active until you reach the target to scan them does not fail the challenge.
  • Additional modifiers include not taking damage, not using any abilities, as well as being alone.
Get [10-20] kills in a row while wall dashing or wall clinging without touching the floor.
  • Weapons that deal area-of-effect damage (i.e. Tonkor, Penta, Ignis etc.) are ideal for completing this challenge.
  • Can be completed by activating using Ember's Mundo en llamas ability and constantly kicking up the same wall in a Supervivencia mission.
  • An additional modifier may include having to be invisible during the kills. Ivara or Loki are recommended for this modifier.
  • A second available modifier may involve not raising alarms. Silent weapons or equipping silencing mods (f.e. Silenciar) on weapons is useful for this challenge. Alternatively, it is possible to complete this challenge on missions where enemies are already alert, e.g. Excavación.
Find [12-16] Syndicate Medallions.
  • Any Sindicato medallion counts towards the challenge's progress.
  • Additional modifier includes having an active pet present, not having an ally downed and not triggering an alarm.
Sustain a 3x melee combo multiplier for 30 seconds.
  • Additional modifier includes having either a Centinela, Kubrow or Kavat for the duration.
  • Equipping Conteo de bajas and/or Contacto a la deriva on a melee weapon, or using Wukong can assist in sustaining the combo counter for longer to more easily complete the challenge. Alternatively, using Venka Prime may also make the challenge easier, especially in tandem with the above suggestions.
  • Combos also stack on Synthesis targets, making it effective to target them as they have a lot of health.
Complete a Supervivencia mission with level 30 or higher enemies without killing anyone.
  • This challenge can be completed by using Ivara's Prowl ability to grab Life Support off enemies. However, this is still reliant on chance as not every enemy will drop Life Support.
  • Opening Lockers and smashing containers will also sometimes drop Life Support capsules.
  • The chances of lockers opening be further increased by equipping Maestro ladrón on your Warframe.
  • Allies killing enemies will also fail this challenge.
  • Additional modifiers include having to equip a Dragon Key and/or without using Energy Consumables.
  • Only five minutes are required to complete the challenge.
Complete an extermination mission with level 30 or higher enemies without being detected.
  • Additional modifiers include not taking damage, being alone, and having to equip a Dragon Key.
  • This challenge can be completed by waiting around the mission start location while your teammates do the killing, as it tracks only whether you have been detected.
  • You will be informed if you are detected and fail the challenge via pop-up.
Complete a defense mission with level 30 or higher enemies without the defense objective taking any damage.
  • The challenge will only be completed if the player was in the mission from the very beginning. Joining a mission in progress and doing the challenge successfully will not complete it.
  • Frost built for Globo de nieve, Volt built for Escudo eléctrico's Duration, Banshee built for Terremoto de sonido, or an Ember using Mundo en llamas on Infested defenses is highly recommended but not required to complete this.
  • Additional modifiers include being alone, not using any team consumables, and having a Dragon Key equipped.
  • Only five waves are needed to complete the challenge.
Complete a solo interception mission with level 30 or higher enemies with a Hobbled Dragon Key equipped.
  • The only modifier known is not dying/becoming downed.
  • Fast or crowd-control based frames may help in keeping all points secured. Ivara, Titania, Hydroid, and even Rhino are good at keeping the enemies off the points.
  • Only one round of interception is required to complete the challenge.
  • It is possible to start the mission with two or more allies, but they must leave before the message is 100% decoded.
Kill [15-40] enemies with finishers.
  • Frames specializing in stealth and/or melee finishers while in open combat like Excalibur, Hydroid, Ivara, Equinox, Inaros, and Zephyr will allow for easier completion. Finisher opportunities from blocking attacks and the Meridiano de Acero's Justicia proc may also apply as well.
  • Additional modifiers include not getting afflicted by a status effect, not taking damage, killing a great number (30-100) enemies with finishers within a single day, and not raising any alarms.
Get 3 headshot kills in a single aim glide.
  • Modifiers may include having a Dragon Key equipped.
  • Frames that can prevent enemy movement without killing enemies such as Ivara, Vauban and Equinox can help a lot. A good strategy is to bring a friend to immobilize enemies while the person with the Riven Mod equipped brings Zephyr to get the head shots.
  • Equipping the Patagium mod or any other mods that boost aim glide duration can also help by extending the time available to perform the challenge.
  • Limbo trivializes this with his second ability, Estasis. Simply banish the required amount of enemies, freeze time using Stasis, "headshot" each enemy, and aimglide while disabling Stasis. Example video can be found here
  • The Zenurik Void Pulse attack can also be used to immobilize enemies regardless of the chosen Warframe.
  • Scourge bullet attractor field makes headshots noticeably easier to land if the throw doesn't kill the targets (do not equip any damage mod for this purpose).


Unlike other mods, a Riven mod has randomized values for their various stats, i.e. two of the same Riven Mod can have different numbers for their effects, along with a random Polarity and Rango de Maestría requirement. Each Riven mod can have from two up to four stats associated with it: two or three beneficial effects, and possibly one counterbalancing negative effect similar in concept to Mods Corruptos. Both of these aspects mean that Riven mods are unpredictable, but at the same time their randomized positive effects have the potential to feature significantly higher values than standard mods. It is possible to receive a Riven mod that has high positive stats without any drawbacks, though the opposite is also possible.

Riven mods have unique, systematic names, consisting of a prefix, a core and suffix, following "Prefix-CoreSuffix" or just "CoreSuffix" (as in Latron Deci-puratron, or Karak Satitox). Prefixes and cores draw from the same name pool. There are 30 unique, randomisable stats and therefore 30 prefixes/cores and 30 suffixes (6 of them are melee exclusive stats). It should be noted that negative effects are not represented by the name. The prefix and suffix cannot be of the same stat, (such as Braton Visiata), and it is possible to get stats for weapons who cannot take advantage of them (such as Seer Critatis).

The 30 positive stats are:

Effect Prefix/Core Suffix
Ammo Maximum Ampi Bin
Damage vs. Corpus Manti Tron
Damage vs. Grineer Argi Con
Damage vs. Infested Pura Ada
Damage Geli Do
Channeling Damage* Tori Bo
Channeling Efficiency* Uti Tia
Combo Duration* Tempi Nem
Critical Chance Crita Cron
Critical Chance on Slide Attack* Pleci Nent
Critical Damage Acri Tis
Base Damage / Melee Damage Visi Ata
Damage Vexi Tio
Damage Igni Pha
Finisher Damage* Exi Cta
Cadencia de fuego / velocidad de ataque* Croni Dra
Flight Speed Conci Nak
Damage Magna Ton
Magazine Capacity Arma Tin
Multishot Sati Can
Error de script Damage Toxi Tox
Atravesar Lexi Nok
Damage Insi Cak
Velocidad de recarga Feva Tak
Range* Locti Tor
Damage Sci Sus
Status Chance Hexa Dex
Status Duration Deci Des
Retroceso Zeti Mag
Zoom Hera Lis

*Melee exclusive stats.


The randomized stats for Riven mods are affected by a variable known as Disposition, a modifier that collates the usage popularity of a given weapon across the entire player base, and then adjusts the resulting random stats to better fit that weapon. There are three different ranks of Disposition that can be assigned:

  • Disposition5 or Disposition4: This Disposition is assigned to infrequently used or unpopular weapons, which will result in Riven mods for said weapon receiving more powerful potential stats.
  • Disposition3: Weapons that see average usage within the player base, resulting in equally average ranges of Riven mod stats.
  • Disposition2 or Disposition1: Assigned to popular weapons that see frequent usage, this Disposition creates Riven mods with more restrained stats.

Disposition is shared between all variants of a single weapon, e.g. the Braton will share the same disposition with its Vándalo, Prime and MK1 variants, regardless of the usage stats of each individual variant.

A weapon's Disposition can be seen in the Arsenal under the Upgrade tab.

Below is a list of weapons by Disposition:

Ver lista de Weapon Disposition

Cycling (Re-Rolling)Editar

Another unique aspect of a Riven mod's stats is their ability to Cycle (re-roll) the mod stats via the Cycle function in the Mods segment in the Orbiter by spending Kuva, a resource found through Sifón Kuva objectives on planets the Fortaleza Kuva is in close proximity with. Cycling a Riven mod will randomly reroll the mod's stats, which can result in either better or worse stats or effects for the mod, though this will not change the weapon that the mod is assigned to first. Both the stats themselves and the percentages for the stats are changed when cycling a Riven mod, though the mod's polarity and Rango de Maestría requirement will not.

After cycling a mod, both the old version of the mod and the new version is displayed, and players can choose whether to accept the new stats, or revert to the old version. Regardless of the player's choice, the Kuva spent in cycling the mod will not be refunded.

The minimum cost for Cycling a Riven mod is 900 Kuva for the first cycle, with increasing costs on subsequent cycles of the same mod. Cycle cost is capped at 3500 Kuva.

Ver lista de Cycle Cost
Wiki - average Kuva: 550-700 625
CycleCostCumulative~Runs~Cumu. Runs

Putting ranks into a Riven mod and then re-rolling does not reset any ranks previously put into the mod, i.e. a rank 4 Riven mod that is cycled will retain its rank 4 status.

Players can see whether a mod has been cycled by a circular arrow icon at the bottom right of the Riven Mod, which will also display a number indicating how many times the mod has been cycled.


Unusual for mods, Riven mods are Rango de Maestría locked, with different mods requiring players to be of a certain Mastery Rank to be able to use them. Each type of Riven Mod is exclusive to a particular individual weapon or its variation, and a weapon can only have one Riven mod equipped at any time (though players can have multiple Riven mods for a given weapon in their inventories). Due to real-life server constraints, a player is limited to 15 Riven mods in their inventory at a given time. The player can purchase additional Riven mod slots from the Mercado at 60 Platinum64 for a set of 3 slots, allowing up to 90 Riven mods at any given time.


  • Due to their random nature, Riven Mods are not saved in a player's Codex.
  • It is possible to complete multiple Riven Mod challenges within a single mission, assuming the player qualifies for them simultaneously. Due to the single Riven Mod per weapon limit, they also must be of different weapon categories.
  • While it is possible to equip a veiled Riven Mod onto sentinel weapons, the challenge will not appear for the player (possible bug).
  • Typing [Riven Mod] in the in-game chat and selecting the mod will let other players in the same chat channel see its bonuses.
  • Base (unranked) Endo value of Riven Mods is affected by the mastery rank requirement, weapon type, and number of cycles.
  • Riven Mods can be used on variants of a particular weapon, including MK1, Prime, Vándalo, Fantasma, Dex, PrismaMara, and Sindicato variants.
  • If a Riven Mod includes two elemental damage bonuses, the second element listed is applied first. This means that any other elemental damage mod installed to the left of the Riven Mod will interact with the second element as opposed to the first element. Placing an elemental damage mod to the right of said Riven Mod instead will not affect the Riven Mod's combined damage for this reason.
  • Since Riven Mods are weapon specific they naturally do not apply their values to Warframe ability weapons such as Mesa's Regulators, Ivara's Arco de Artemisa or Titania's Alas afiladas weapon Dex Pixia.
  • As of Hotfix 19.10.1 Artax Riven Mods are no longer obtainable from Sorties. Between the introduction and the removal were only 5 days and therefore the chance of getting an Artax Riven within this period was very tiny. Hence the amount of Artax Rivens in the game is now extremely limited.
  • Currently, the lowest Mastery Rank requirement to equip a Riven mod is 8, and the highest is 16. Making the players who have Mastery Rank above or equal to 16 able to equip any Riven mods regardless its Mastery Rank requirement. This also means Mastery Rank 16 is the point where a player can use any and all equipment in the game at the moment.


  • Riven mods feature a dynamic image, which constantly shifts between the images of the bonuses. For example, a Riven Rifle mod that affects Critical chance and Critical damage (positively or negatively) will shift between Punto de impacto's image and Sentido vital's image.
  • Riven is the past participle of the Middle English verb Rive, which means "to violently tear apart".
  • Taking into account the existence of 24 possible positive effects, the possibility of one negative effect, and that elemental damage and Atravesar cannot be negative stats, also the fact that effects don't fall into the same category nor does order matter: there are 5,083 possible Riven Mod stat combinations that have two positive effects and one or zero negative effects, and 35,673 possible Riven Mod stat combinations that have three positive effects and one or zero negative effects, making a total of 40,756 different combinations for a single Riven.
  • The base Endo gain from dissolving an unranked Riven Mod is equal to 223 + 100 × (MasteryRank − 10). So, the base value for a MR13 mod would be 223 + 100 × (13 − 10) = 523.
    • The value increases each time the mod is re-rolled.[1]

For more examples of Riven mods, see here



  1. Forum post discussing Riven Mod dissolve value

Patch HistoryEditar

Actualización 21.6
  • Riven Slot capacity limit has increased from 60 to 90.

Actualización 21.0

  • Added melee rivens

Hotfix 19.5.6

  • Fixed (for real this time) negative Status Duration from Rivens resulting in infinite status.

Hotfix 19.5.5

  • Fixed a crash with certain weapons caused by Rivens with worse than -100% Multishot.
  • Fixed Corrosive Status Effects being cancelled due to -100% status duration.
  • Fixed -100% velocidad de recarga making weapons reload instantly.
  • Fixed another case of negative Ammo Capacity Rivens leading to infinite Ammo.
  • Fixed a few problems that would occur from using a Riven with Fire-Rate worse than -100%.

Hotfix 19.5.4

  • Fixed Secondary Riven Mod Fusion cost being lower than intended.
  • Fixed negative Status Duration from Rivens resulting in infinite status.
  • Fixed negative Ammo Capacity Rivens leading to infinite Ammo.
  • Fixed negative Damage Rivens healing enemies. Also fixes negative Crit Multiplier doing the same.
  • Fixed Status Effects visually (i.e Corrosive green electricity-like substance) lasting forever as a result of having 0% Status Duration.

Actualización 19.4

  • Kuva Cycle cost now capped at 3500.

Hotfix 19.3.2

  • For those of you who have reached the max Riven Capacity, you can now increase your Riven Capacity by purchasing additional Slots. Visit the Mercado to get a bundle of three slots for 60 Platinum. The maximum capacity is still capped at 60 Riven Slots total for technical reasons.
  • Cycle will now prompt you to choose on next login if you crash while choosing.
  • A player cannot be traded a Riven if they are already at max capacity.
  • Cycling can now be done repeatedly without the need to close & open again.
  • Fixed bug when trying to dissolve a Veiled Riven Mod.
  • Fixed getting locked in Riven reveal screen when pressing esc/back too early.
  • Fixed an issue that could cause an auto-ban for selling a Riven.
  • Rivens will now show the reveal screen on next login if you crash before returning to your Landing Craft.

Hotfix 19.0.6

  • Riven Disposition (Faint, Neutral, and Strong) has been added. Riven Disposition stats on Rifles will be visible if there's at least one equitable Riven Mod for said Rifle.
  • Existing Rivens have been automatically rebalanced to fit this Riven Disposition
  • When Cycling a Riven with Kuva, you can now choose to "Accept" or "Decline" a Cycle result using the arrow and Confirm button presented.
  • You will only have to Unveil a Riven Mod one time: on first discovery. Cycling no longer Veils Riven Mods.
  • Adjusted Endo return when dissolving Riven mods:
    • +100 Endo for every Mastery Rank requirement above the minimum of 8
    • +200 Endo for every Cycle performed on the Mod
  • Chat Linked Riven Mods now contain correct challenge progress/requirement info, as well as Cycles.
  • Kuva Cycling costs have been reduced significantly.
    • Before: 900 - 1000 - 1300 - 1800 - 2500 - 3400 - 4500 - 5800 - 7300 - 9000 - Continues each Cycle, no cap.
    • After: 900 - 1000 - 1200 - 1400 - 1700 - 2000 - 2350 - 2750 - 3200 - 3600 - Continues each Cycle, no cap.
  • Tweaked the Cycling diorama to include Samodeus and updated Riven Mod Cycle and transition sounds!


  • Fixed Veiled Riven Mods unequipping themselves due to not meeting the Mastery Rank requirement.

Actualización 19.0

  • Introduced.