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Metralla de hierro is a Mods de Aumento de Warframe usable in both PvE and PvP for Rhino's Piel de hierro that when active allows it to be detonated by pressing the ability key (default 2 ), unleashing a radial AoE attack that deals a portion of its remaining health as damage.


Rango Daño Proc Chance Coste de capacidad
0 40% 30% 6
1 60% 40% 7
2 80% 50% 8
3 100% 60% 9



  • Deals a percentage of remaining Piel de hierro health as damage, with a chance to proc.
    • Damage decreases with range.
  • Radial explosion inflicts knockdown against enemies, flinging them away and making them vulnerable to Ground Finishers.
  • Rugido affects Iron Shrapnel's damage.
  • Iron Shrapnel will activate automatically if Piel de hierro is dispelled. This is true for entering a Tripulante Anulador's bubble or falling in a pit.
  • The detonation does not occur if Piel de hierro depletes naturally due to enemy fire.
  • Range and Strength mods affect this augment. With maxed range mods, the AoE appears to reach 25 meters.
  • Cannot be cast during Piel de hierro's invulnerability period.


Patch HistoryEditar

Actualización 16.0
  • The following Augment Mods can be used in PvP
    • Rhino - Iron Shrapnel

Actualización 15.6

  • Añadido.
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