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El versátil revólver Magnus es un arma letal para cualquier tenno.

The Magnus is a Tenno revolver added in Actualización 11.2.

This weapon can be sold for 5.000 Créditos.png ; it is also a material requerido for Akmagnus (x2).

Requisitos de fabricación
Célula Orokin.png
Placa de aleación.png
Tiempo: 24 hrs
Acelerar: 30 Platinum.png
Precio del MarketIcon.png: 125 Platinum.png Precio del Blueprint2.svg: 20,000 Créditos.png


This weapon deals primarily Impacto n.png Impacto damage.


  • Good damage.
  • High critical chance.
  • Comes with a V.png polarity slot.


  • High recoil.
    • Has slight horizontal recoil as well as vertical, which increases spread when fired quickly.


Configuraciones para el arma[]


  • Consider pairing Magnus with Tormenta de hielo and / or Congelador + Convulsión for increased effectiveness against shields.
  • The Magnus sports as a general-purpose version of the Sicarus, as it primarily deals Impact damage, while it deals such damage on semi-automatic. It also comes along with greater damages on both Cortante n.png Cortante and Perforación n.png Perforación damages, plus a good status chance. The sacrificed characteristics are DPS, as the gun is not in burst-fire and it spares less magazine capacity.
  • With a decent critical chance and damage to sport with, the Magnus can be installed with Gambito de pistola and Difusión de cañón to further increase deliverance of critical hits on weak spots. Adding Rompeobjetivos will deal damage up to 320%.
  • Though the Magnus's recoil is not too severe, Manos firmes can still prove beneficial especially at longer ranges or when firing rapidly.


  • While Magnus excels against shields and is moderately effective against Infested, it is somewhat disadvantaged against the flesh of Corpus Crewmen and most Grineer.


  • Magnus is Latin for "Big" or "Great".
  • Its Reinforcements preview shows that it has 2.7 on its reload time, even though its actual reload time is 2.0 seconds. Both were released and shown at the same update.
  • Unlike the Vasto, the Magnus is a break-action revolver, which means it is opened from its chamber to load a new cylinder.
  • It seems to billow smoke from its chamber after a shot has been released.
    • This particle emitter is prone to glitching, leaving the Magnus permanently smoking for the duration of the mission.

Historial de actualizaciones[]

Véase también[]

  • Akmagnus, the akimbo version of this revolver.
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