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Spawns maggots that attack its target.

Las madres de la progenie son infestadas grandes y pesadas que engendran Larvas dentro de su cavidad torácica, que la madre de la progenie puede liberar para atacar a los enemigos. Las madres de la progenie también cargarán contra los oponentes cercanos y soltarán un enjambre de Larvas adicionales al morir. Fueron introducidos en el evento Operación: Incursiones mutalíticas en la Actualización 15.5.

Attached Maggots slow the victim down a little while doing damage over time, with the slowdown and damage increasing with the number of attached maggots. These maggots are weak and easy to dispatch but due to their small size can prove to be difficult without AoE weapons or abilities.


  • Rolling or using a melee attack will make Maggots fall on the ground. This will not kill them and they will continue to pursue a player until killed. This means that attacking a Brood Mother with melee will make you relatively safe.
  • Shooting them in the chest cavity will do a considerable amount of damage.


  • Control mental led Brood Mothers will release friendly Maggots; however, it seems that when the ability ends the Maggots spawned while the Brood Mother is Mind Controlled will become hostile again.
  • Maggots cannot be shot off of friendly units.


  • The Brood Mother was introduced in Devstream 35, where it was referred to as the Diseased Ancient.


  • Brood Mother corpses cannot be desecrated normally. However, if the Brood Mothers are stopped from releasing Maggots upon death, desecrating is possible. A reliable way to do this is killing them in one shot with a high damage weapon like the Dread (requires further testing).
  • Mind Controlling a Brood Mother during a Defense mission may make it impossible to end the current wave, due to possible errors with the spawned maggots.
  • The Brood Mother's deceptive hitbox means that sometimes players will have to fire near the center of the Brood Mother's model to actually hit it.

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  • Larva, the enemy that the Brood Mother can spawn.

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