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Las MK1-Furis son las pistolas automáticas estándar para todos los tenno.

The MK1-Furis was one of three starting Secondary weapons available to new Tenno, which could be picked up during the Vor's Prize tutorial prologue. Its automatic fire makes it suited for new players who practice run & gun gameplay. It is currently only available in Comercio.

This weapon can be sold for 2.500 Créditos.png .


This weapon can be bought in the Market for 15.000 Créditos.png .


This weapon deals primarily Perforación n.png Perforación damage.


  • Good rate of fire.
  • A Bar.png polarity slot.
  • Low recoil and high accuracy, even at medium-far ranges.
  • When fired in short bursts, it can be useful at any range, while dealing decent damage.
  • Has a high base Perforación n.png Perforación damage.
  • Can use the Furis-exclusive Vientos de pureza mod.



Weapon Loadouts[]

Artículo principal: Category:Furis Build

See the user build section for builds using this weapon.


  • The MK1-Furis is a weaker version of the Furis machine pistol, with slightly lower damage and rate of fire. Both weapons are otherwise identical.
  • The MK1-Furis cannot be used as a component to build the Afuris.



  • The MK1-Furis was introduced as a starter weapon alongside the Lato and the MK1-Kunai in Actualización 14.0.
  • "Furis" is the genitive of the Latin word "Fur" which means "thief".
  • A Lotus symbol seems to appear at the end of the magazine, justifying itself as a Tenno weapon.

Historial de actualizaciones[]

Véase también[]

  • Furis, the standard version of this weapon.
  • Afuris, the akimbo counterpart of this gun.
  • Dex Furis, the limited edition akimbo counterpart of this gun.
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