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Dispara una pequeña ráfaga de láseres.

El Láser de ráfagas es el arma por defecto del Centinela Shade. Este arma dispara tres tiros rápidos en serie. Este arma acepta los Mods de Pistola.

Este arma se vende por 1.250 Créditos.png .


Notas[editar | editar código]

  • Actual fire rate of this weapon is not affected by fire rate mods. Instead, these mods affect delay between bursts.
  • Due to having instantaneous reload, this weapon is not affected by magazine capacity or reload speed mods.
  • Due to the travel time of each projectile as well as the slow fire rate, it may be advisable to keep your sentinel's attack precept at low levels, to prevent them from acquiring long ranged targets that are moving and difficult to hit.
  • Whilst considered by much of the community to be a terrible weapon, it's still considered better than the Rifle láser.
  • Tied with the sentinel weapon Laser Rifle and the Archwing Onorix as the lowest critical multiplier weapons in Warframe. 

Adquisición[editar | editar código]

This sentinel weapon is automatically acquired by acquiring Shade. Note that this weapon also takes up one slot in your sentinel slots.

Configuraciones para el arma[editar código]

Errores[editar | editar código]

  • Perforar mod seems to have no effect on this weapon.

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