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Al Igual que la Kohm, esta escopeta de mano duplica su disparo voleado con cada disparo sucesivo.
A handheld plasma-spitting pistol, specializing at clearing tight corridors and narrow ventilation shafts.

The Kohmak, similar to the larger Kohm, is a hand-shotgun that doubles its volley with every successive shot.

Este arma puede ser vendida por 5.000 Créditos.png ; it is also a material requerido for Kohmak gemelas (x2).

Adquisición[editar | editar código]

The blueprint for this weapon can be purchased for 15,000 credits from the Chem lab in the Clan Dojo, or for 150 platinum on the Mercado.

Requisitos de fabricación
Inyector de Detonite.png
Tiempo: 24 hrs
Acelerar: 35 Platinum.png
Precio del MarketIcon.png: 150 Platinum.png Precio del Blueprint2.svg: 15,000 Créditos.png
Laboratorio químico ClanAffinity64.png 3,000
Tiempo: 72 hrs
Prereq: Marelok
Clan Fantasma x1   Clan Sombra x3   Clan Tormenta x10   Clan Montaña x30   Clan Luna x100

Características[editar | editar código]

This weapon deals primarily Cortante n.png Cortante damage.


  • Second largest magazine size of all shotgun pistols – Kohmak gemelas is the largest.
  • Innate one meter Atravesar.
  • One D.png polarity.


  • Low initial damage.
    • Requires spooling shots to reach maximum effectiveness. 
  • Consumes multiple ammunition per shot at full spool-up.
  • Decreasing accuracy while spooling-up.
  • Has damage fall-off, causing damage to decrease with range.


Configuraciones para el arma[editar código]

Notas[editar | editar código]

  • The Kohmak fires an increasing number of pellets the longer it is fired, until it reaches its maximum pellet count of five pellets per shot. It will also consume 1.6667(5/3) ammo per shot at maximum spool.
  • With its base magazine size and fired from rest to full spool, the Kohmak can effectively fire 25 shots, with one round left in the magazine. The number of shots per magazine can be increased by firing the Kohmak slowly to prevent spool-up, allowing it to fire its maximum of 40 shots, but at the cost of effective damage

Curiosidades[editar | editar código]

  • The Kohmak's last ten shots sound slightly different to indicate low ammunition.

Errores[editar | editar código]

  • The Kohmak's energy color will be inherited from a Primary weapon, as opposed to whatever the chosen energy color is on the Kohmak.

Historial de actualizaciones[editar | editar código]

Actualización 21.0
  • Damage increased from 8 to 17
  • Damage fall off reduced to 12m and ending at 24 with a minimum damage of 5
  • Mastery Rank 10 required

Revisión 18.10.5

  • Fixed minor reloading animation issues on the Kohmak.

Actualización 18.10

  • Fixed the Kohmak muzzle flash always being default white.

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