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Being a part of the Corpus can be rough, but that does not mean they are without hope. For among them lives a legend. A man who fears nothing. An unyielding hero against those who would stand in the way of Profit.

His name is John Prodman.
, Adam Ma, former Community Editorial Coordinator

John Prodman is a rarely-encountered enemy in El Índice[1], particularly in Endurance-level missions. Similar to Clem, Prodman has his roots as a meme within the WARFRAME community.

According to the description of his autograph, he is an employee of Anyo Corp, and was recently awarded "Employee of the Month".


On March 1, 2014, A user by the name of Llyssa posted a thread entitled " The Most Badass Ever In Warframe"[2], where during an Infestación Invasión, Llyssa documented a Tripulante aguijón taking on Phorid and despite all odds, surviving the encounter. Other players noted the Crewman's bravery and subsequently exaggerated his accomplishments, and ultimately christened the lone Crewman John Prodman.

Over time Digital Extremes grew aware of John's existence, and has since canonized the crewman in a blog post on the official site [3]. In the post, the developers talk about John's exploits, such as being the first crewman to replace Zanuka as the Corpus's Employee of the Month, and turning down a Detron in exchange for his trusty Prova (and if need be, his fists). Digital Extremes has also stated that John is the Tripulante aguijón present in promotional videos involving the Corpus, typically those with a humorous slant.

As an Enemy[]

John Prodman can only be found as an enemy unit in El Índice: Endurance, regardless of what group of Brokers the players are currently facing or the investment risk tier the players chose beforehand. He always appears after one hour of Endurance, however he only shows up once, as future hours in Endurance do not have appearances by him. When defeated, he drops an autographed poster[4]. Further research is required to any abilities he has.