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Hoja de la verdad es un Weapon Augment Mod that increases melee damage and Verdad specifically for the Jaw Sword. It increases melee damage by 25% and Verdad by 0.25 per rank, at a maximum of 100% and 1 at rank 3, respectively.

While the Jaw Sword is the active weapon, Verdad causes affinity gained by Jaw Sword to fill a special meter. Once the required amount of affinity is acquired, the weapon discharges a radial attack dealing 1,000
Gas n Gas
damage to enemies around the player, restores 25% of maximum Health, and boosts all 3 parkour 2.0 stats (posarse time, planear time, bullet jump speed/range) by 25%.


Rango Efecto Verdad Coste de capacidad
0 25% 0.25 4
1 50% 0.5 5
2 75% 0.75 6
3 100% 1 7


  • This mod is acquired by attaining the rank of Crusader with the Árbitros de Hexis, and spending 25,000‍ReputationLargeBlack to purchase.

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