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Los Halieto Mina de color amarillo anaranjado despliegan orbes de energía que explotarán después de un corto período de tiempo, o si un jugador los pisa. Continuarán desplegando minas mientras haya jugadores cerca. Es posible que las minas se unan a otras unidades si aterrizan en ellas y potencialmente las matan. Las minas también se pueden destruir disparándolas antes de que el halieto las despliegue.


  • Unlike their Shielding variants, Mine Ospreys intend to get close to players before they begin dropping mines.
  • They are durable and can also be protected by the Halieto protector.
  • The mines are temporary as their lifetime detonation can be heard.
  • Rarely, the Mine Ospreys can overcharge their mines, having explosives more than three times the Osprey's own size. Stepping onto these will frequently lead to devastating results.
    • Unfortunately, these can be dropped properly upon their death.
  • Mines do not detonate on their own Corpus faction friendlies, thus do not deal area damage against their own as well.
  • Occasionally, the mines have a tendency to float, increasing their threat.
  • When fighting alongside Corpus in an Infestation, Mine Ospreys are capable of defeating large amounts of Infested by themselves thanks to flying and dealing AoE damage, making them very valuable allies.  However, they are vulnerable to Toxic Ancients.
  • The mines have a chance to knock you down, leaving you vulnerable to attacks from other enemies.


  • Mine Ospreys are very effective in a group, as they lay mines fast, potentially becoming a problem.
  • Mine Ospreys are easily destroyed by the electrical nova jump attack of the Amphis.
  • It is possible that the Mutalist Osprey is an infested version of the Mine Osprey; as they both have the same color scheme, and the Mutalist Osprey drops Crawlers the same way the Mine Osprey drops energy mines.


  • The codex entry for this enemy can be easily completed by fighting the Jackal, as they spawn during the boss fight.


  • Currently, the Codex lists the Mine Osprey as "Deployed by Fusion MOA" when it spawns normally without MOAs Fusión.