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Orbes de energía con daño de área por pulso tras detonar.

El Halieto Extenuador son halietos del Corpus que despliegan un orbe que genera un campo de daño AoE. El orbe libera pulsos de daño durante varios segundos, luego flota aproximadamente 2 metros en el aire para una detonación final.


  • Sapping Ospreys have a tendency to attack directly, similar to the Halietos Mina, and launch energy orbs that form a blue, spherical field dealing average damage over time. Halieto protector will support them until they are destroyed. The devices are launched at a fairly low trajectory, similar to an underhand throw.
  • Given their size and blue coloration (see Trivia, below), Sapping Ospreys can easily be mistaken for Shield Ospreys at a glance, especially if Shield Ospreys are also around. An easy way to identify them is the fact that they will gain a blue shield outline when protected by a Shield Osprey.
  • The orbs always drop onto the ground 3 seconds after its launch before deploying their pulsating waves, limiting the orbs' range towards flying targets.
  • Above level 30, walking into the sapping bomb's aura is capable of dealing fatal damage to Centinelas and lighter Warframes.
    • If these Ospreys are not dealt with quickly, they can easily clog an entire room with sapping bombs.


  • The orbs launched from the osprey lasts 7 seconds after their deployment, while each pulse from the orb is generated every second.
  • The pulse waves generated by the energy orbs can pass through walls, making it increasingly difficult to stay in cover when pursuing other enemies.
  • A Sapping Osprey's damage field generators can be shot and destroyed prior to detonation.
  • Aside from syndicate weapon explosions, the orbs are unaffected and cannot be destroyed by most any AoE.
    • However, Ignis's flames can destroy the orbs and is generally very good way to remove large amounts of the orbs at once
  • The Orbs (and the damage they deal) can stack. Never attempt to revive fallen Tenno or Kubrow when they are in the Orb's AoE area: doing so can easily end with not only one fallen squad member, but two or more.



  • The damage field generators launched by Sapping Ospreys seem prone to two issues, at the present time;
  1. They may not reliably damage client players.
  2. They may not cause any damage to players after the Osprey that launched the device has been destroyed.


Halieto Extenuador Vapos General Misceláneo
Halieto Extenuador Vapos.png
Añadido : Actualización 25
Escenario Ciudad de gas Corpus Escaneos de Códice 5
Arma Energy orb Otras Recompensas Ninguna
Estadísticas Botín de Mods Cargador deformado 0.76%
Dispersión de multitud 0.76%
15 Endo 0.76%
Estirar 0.33%
Piel de diamante 0.33%
Cámara dividida 0.02%
Garra reluciente 0.02%
80 Endo 0.02%
Robótica 80
Perforación b.png + Eléctrico b.png ++ Radiación b.png + Cortante b.png - Toxina b.png -
Escudo 50
Impacto b.png ++ Frío b.png ++ Magnético b.png +++ Perforación b.png - Radiación b.png -