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So named for its terrifying leer, the Rictus (AKA 'the Sawman') lives to divide and conquer its foes - literally.

The Ghoul Rictus, along with other Guls is only encountered on the Las llanuras de Eidolon (Mainly during Ghoul Bounties).

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Depending on their distance from the players frame, they'll often start by shooting their saw off like a MITER, except the blade also travels back to them after going a set distance. Then they will quickly ride their saw towards the player, attempting to ram them in the process.

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Gul Rictus Alfa General Misceláneo
Gul Rictus Alfa
Añadido : Sin determininar
Escenario Las llanuras de Eidolon Escaneos de Códice 3
Arma Circular saw Otras Recompensas Plano de Stubba
Estadísticas Botín de Mods Adrenalina del cazador 37.94%
Municiones del cazador 11.05%
Plumas rebanadoras 0.51%
Rastreo del cazador 0.51%
Carne clonada 1450
Cortante b 
Calor b 
Viral b 
Impacto b 
Gas b 
Afinidad Base  ?
Nivel Base  ?
This specimen shows evidence of advanced cognitive abilities and greater, if rudimentary, situational analysis. Cold blooded and ruthless, it is easy to see how this specimen led its pack so ably.

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Revisión 22.8.2
  • Reduced the number of Codex scans required Ghoul Rictus Alpha to 3.

Actualización 22.8

  • Introducido.

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