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The Expired are Ghouls who have succumbed to malnutrition or enviromental poisoning during the early stages of development. Their backup nervous systems continue to drive them forward, however, making them ideal suicide troops.

The Ghoul Expired is a form of Ghoul even more deformed than usual, equipped with shields with multiple bomblets strapped to the outside. These shields are often used for suicide attacks up close for a one-two punch of deadly munitions and toxic blood-mist.

Behavior Editar

The Ghoul Expired will rush towards enemies, bashing them with their explosive shields (or in some noted cases, grappling their targets to deal as much damage as they can with the blasts). If they are unable to reach their targets, they will instead attempt to lob their bomblets over a distance instead.

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  • Shooting at their shields can cause them to explode, dealing AoE damage to all surrounding enemies and reducing the firepower of the Ghoul Expired.

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