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Los guardias son unidades especiales que aparecen en las misiones de rescate, encargadas de proteger los complejos penitenciarios donde se guardan los rehenes. Aparecen como Artilleros Pesados o Balistas para las misiones Grineer, Artillero Pesado Corrupto para las misiones Luna Orokin y Tripulante francotirador o Técnico Corpus para las misiones Corpus, y son más duraderas que las unidades normales. Sin embargo, son muy vulnerables a los ataques sigilosos y derribos.


  • Wardens can only be found in the prison complex tile of a Rescue mission, usually appearing in quantities of 3 to 4 units, though they can sometimes spawn up to a maximum of 10 units.
  • When a player has been spotted, they will quickly activate the prison complex's Execution system, which sets off a timer counting down to the prisoner being killed.


  • Due to their durability, Wardens can be tough to face head-on, which may make rescuing the hostage difficult. However, they are highly vulnerable to Ataques de siguilo, taking +1600% or effectively 16x more damage, therefore one can usually be killed in a single hit despite their durability. Use this to eliminate Wardens from a position of Sigilo.
    • Apart from Sigilo attacks, Wardens also share the same vulnerability to Counterattack Finishers, allowing players to kill them instantly if fighting them directly.
  • Wardens have a stricter and more predictable patrol route than most enemies, which can be used to avoid them or set up Sigilo kills.
  • The codex scanner can be used to highlight the location of any wardens, even through walls.


  • Despite being based off Artillero Pesados, Grineer Wardens will sometimes be seen carrying Vulkars instead. Corpus Wardens will also sometimes carry a Supra instead of their normal Lanka sniper rifles.
  • Like many other enemies, Wardens can also spawn as Eximus units. Warden Eximus units feature Life Leech ability and improved movement speed.


  • The Eximus of both the Grineer, Corpus and Corrupted Wardens have 601 Carne clonada and 401 Carne respectively.
    • These are the only Eximus variants to have 1 armor value higher than their non Eximus counterparts.
  • Corpus Warden currently cannot be cut to pieces by slash weapons. Other enemies that share this bug include the Elite Crewman and Grineer Commander.

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  • Rescate, which introduced this enemy type.