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Gravedad de tek es un Mod de conjunto que will pull all enemies within 15m of your ground slam towards your Warframe. The set bonus effect is triggered by causing any slam attack when inside the zone of the Tek set mod effect.


Rango Range Coste de capacidad
0 6m 6
1 9m 7
2 12m 8
3 15m 9


  • The pull effect only works when inside the zone of the set effect, which is not specified in the mod description.
    • Enemies outside of the zone can be pulled.
    • The pull is in increments of 5 meters, meaning it can take up to 3 slam attacks before an enemy is pulled in entirely.
  • If an enemy comes into range of a ground slam that causes them to ragdoll, they will not be pulled but instead be affected by the ground slam like normal.
  • Stance combos that have a slam attack effect count towards Tek Gravity.
  • Must have a Kavat companion equipped to make use of the set bonus.

Patch HistoryEditar

Revisión 24.0.10
  • Revised the Tek Gravity Mod description to read ‘Slam Attacks in the Marked Zone pull all enemies within Xm to better match the Mods functionality.

Actualización 24.0

  • Introduced
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